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  • AlphaGAN: Generative adversarial networks for natural image matting 

    Lutz, Sebastian; Amplianitis, Konstantinos; Smolic, Aljosa (2018)
    We present the first generative adversarial network (GAN) for natural image matting. Our novel generator network is trained to predict visually appealing alphas with the addition of the adversarial loss from the discriminator ...
  • Beckett in VR: Exploring Narrative Using Free-Viewpoint Video 

    Johnson, Nicholas; O'Dwyer, Neill; Smolic, Aljosa; Pagés, Rafael; Ondrej, Jan; Monaghan, David; Bates, Enda; Amplianitis, Konstantinos (2018)
    This poster describes a reinterpretation of Samuel Beckett’s theatrical text Playfor virtual reality (VR). It is an aesthetic reflection on practice that follows up an a technical project description submittedto ISMAR 2017 ...