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  • Common agricultural policy reform and national compensation strategies 

    Matthews, Alan (Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland, 1989)
    While providing income support to producers the Common Agricultural Policy also redistributes resources between EC member states. As a net agricultural exporter Ireland is a significant recipient of resource transfers ...
  • The economic consequences of the Doha Round for Ireland 

    Matthews, Alan; Walsh, Keith (Economic & Social Research Institute, Dublin, 2006)
    This paper provides a quantitative study of the economic effects of a stylised simulation of trade liberalisation for Ireland using the GTAP model. The experiment incorporates the liberalisation of agricultural, manufacturing ...
  • Improving coherence between Irish trade and development policy from an African perspective 

    Matthews, Alan (Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland, 2006)
    The recent Irish Trade Policy Statement devoted a whole chapter to the trade needs of developing countries (DETE, 2005). In it, the Government recognises the role that trade policy can play in providing economic development ...
  • Ireland, the Common Agricultural Policy and the less developed countries 

    Matthews, Alan (Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland, 1985)
    The price provisions of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) are designed to transfer income to European farmers and to maintain a secure supply of food for European consumers. The consequences of this policy for countries ...
  • The options for further EEC integration - an Irish view 

    Matthews, Alan (Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland, 1984)
    Each alternative model of European economic integration would have a different impact on the Irish economy. The object of this paper is to briefly discuss their implications. The starting-point for this appraisal must ...
  • Perspectives on Irish Productivity 

    Sexton, J. J.; Farrell, Diana; Remes, Jaana; Kehoe, Conor; Morgenroth, Edgar; D'Elia, José Luis Iparraguirre; Boyle, Richard; Matthews, Alan; Newman, Carol; Thorne, Fiona; Aylward, Ciarán; O'Toole, Ronnie; O'Donnell, Rory; Cahill, Noel; Boyle, David; Evans, John; Palcic, Donal; Reeves, Eoin; Parker, David; Watt, Robert; Scully, Derek; Gorg, Holger; O'Leary, Eoin; Doyle, Eleanor; Fanning, Connell; Kopp, Andreas; Kavanagh, Catherine; Czarnitzki, Dirk; O'Byrnes, Niall; Dagg, Maurice; Mundschenk, Susanne; Maddox, Daniel; Boyle, Gerry; Kneller, Richard; Haller, Stefanie (Forfás, ireland, 2007-03-21)
  • Policy Coherence for Development (PCD): The State of Play in Ireland 

    KING, MICHAEL; Barry, Frank; Matthews, Alan (Institute for International Integration Studies, 2009)
    This report is the first systematic assessment of policy coherence for development (PCD) across Irish Government departments. Our objectives were as follows: ? To create an inventory of policy areas where Irish government ...
  • Productivity growth in Irish agriculture 

    Matthews, Alan (Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland, 2000)
    Agricultural productivity growth is an important parameter in assessing the likely competitiveness of Irish agriculture in the more market-oriented environment that the industry will face in the next decade. Although ...
  • Productivity in Irish agriculture 

    Matthews, Alan; Newman, Carol; Thorne, Fiona (Forfás, ireland, 2007-03-21)
  • Technical change and efficiency in Irish agriculture 

    O'Neill, Suzanne; Matthews, Alan (Economic & Social Research Institute, Dublin, 2001)
    This paper calculates average technical efficiency levels and rates of technical change for Irish agriculture using an unbalanced panel of 2,603 farms drawn from the Irish National Farm Survey over the period 1984 to 1998. ...