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  • Measuring Irish capital 

    Keeney, Mary J. (Economic & Social Research Institute, Dublin, 2007)
    Irish National Income and Expenditure Accounts do not contain information on capital stocks or capital services estimation. Estimates of the national capital stock and the depreciation of its fixed assets are basic ...
  • A quality adjusted measure of labour services for Ireland 

    Keeney, Mary J. (Economic & Social Research Institute, Dublin, 2010)
    This paper presents annual indices of labour input adjusted for the age, education and gender distributions of the Irish workforce for the period 1999-2008. Growth in labour services is divided between the increase in ...
  • Wage inflation and structural unemployment in Ireland 

    Keeney, Mary J. (Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland, 2008)
    In this paper we represent structural unemployment by relating observed unemployment to wage inflation. An estimated series for the non-accelerating wage rate of unemployment (NAWRU) shows that the unemployment gap between ...