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  • Diet and other risk indicators associated with dental problems in Irish preschool children 

    CROWE, MICHAEL JAMES (Trinity College Dublin. School of Dental Sciences. Discipline of Dental Science, 2018)
    This research used a data science approach to explore multilevel interactions among key aspects of child and primary caregiver (PCG) psychosocial and physical health, as well as diet and lifestyle factors affecting dental ...
  • Investigating a role for TLR signalling and complement deposition in retinal degeneration 

    Mulfaul, Kelly (Trinity College Dublin. School of Medicine. Discipline of Clinical Medicine, 2018)
    Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) are the most common cause of progressive vision loss in the developed world. AMD is a multifactorial disease with both genetic and environmental risk ...
  • The Researcher 

    Ahmed, Elisabeth; Becker, Hilkka; Stanley, John; Goggins, David; Healy, Noeleen; Panhoelzl, Boris (Refugee Documentation Centre, ireland, 2018-04)
  • The Researcher 

    Ahmed, Elisabeth; Brazil, Patricia; Gartland, Rose; Collins, Brian; Hand, David; Goggins, David (Refugee Documentation Centre, ireland, 2017-11)
  • One phenomenon, Three perspectives. English colonial strategies in Ireland revisited, 1603-1680 

    HINGST, MARIE SOPHIE (Trinity College Dublin. School of Histories & Humanities. Discipline of History, 2018)
    Recent years have seen renewed scholarly interest in Ireland s position within the English colonial system during the early modern period. With regard to developments in the seventeenth century, however, the long-established ...