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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Boundary jets of holomorphic maps between strongly pseudoconvex domainsZAITSEV, DMITRI
2006A Burns-Krantz type theorem for domains with cornersZAITSEV, DMITRI
2009A Cauchy-Kowalevsky theorem for overdetermined systems of nonlinear partial differential equations and geometric applications.ZAITSEV, DMITRI
2007Deformation of generic submanifolds in a complex manifoldZAITSEV, DMITRI
2009Degenerate real hypersurfaces in C2 with few automorphismsZAITSEV, DMITRI
1998Domains of polyhedral type and boundary extensions of biholomorphismsZAITSEV, DMITRI
2013Dynamics of one-resonant biholomorphismsZAITSEV, DMITRI
2005The equivalence problem and rigidity for hypersurfaces embedded into hyperquadricsZAITSEV, DMITRI
2001Equivalences of real submanifolds in complex space.ZAITSEV, DMITRI
2003Extension of CR-functions on wedges.ZAITSEV, DMITRI
2003Finite jet determination of local analytic CR automorphisms and their parametrization by 2-jets in the finite type case.ZAITSEV, DMITRI
2011Formal and finite order equivalencesZAITSEV, DMITRI
1997Germs of local automorphisms of real analytic CR structures and analytic dependence on the k-jetsZAITSEV, DMITRI
2003Holomorphic extension of smooth CR-mappings between real-analytic and real-algebraic CR-manifoldsZAITSEV, DMITRI
2008Lie group structures on automorphism groups of real-analytic CR manifoldsZAITSEV, DMITRI
2008Obstructions to embeddability into hyperquadrics and explicit examplesZAITSEV, DMITRI
2010On Levi-flat hypersurfaces with prescribed boundaryZAITSEV, DMITRI
2006On local CR-transformation of Levi-degenerate group orbits in compact Hermitian symmetric spacesZAITSEV, DMITRI
2000On symmetric Cauchy-Riemann manifoldsZAITSEV, DMITRI
1995On the automorphism groups of algebraic bounded domainsZAITSEV, DMITRI
Showing results 4 to 23 of 26
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