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2010CdTe Quantum Dot/Dye Hybrid System as Photosensitizer for Photodynamic TherapyRAKOVICH, YURY; DONEGAN, JOHN FRANCIS
2007Confined modes in photonic microtube structures.DONEGAN, JOHN FRANCIS; MOORE, ALAN; PEROVA, TANIA; RAKOVICH, YURY
2006Confined optical modes and amplified spontaneous emission from a microtube cavity formed by vacumm assisted filtrationGOUNKO, IOURI; DONEGAN, JOHN FRANCIS; PEROVA, TANIA; RAKOVICH, YURY
2004Confined optical modes in small photonic molecules with semiconductor nanocrystalsRAKOVICH, YURY
2009Conical diffraction and Bessel beam formation with a high optical quality biaxial crystalDONEGAN, JOHN FRANCIS; LUNNEY, JAMES GERARD; RAKOVICH, YURY
2010Conical diffraction of linearly polarised light controls the angular position of a microscopic objectBALLANTINE, KYLE EDWARD; PHELAN, CIARAN; RAKOVICH, YURY; DONEGAN, JOHN FRANCIS; LUNNEY, JAMES GERARD
2005Coupled cavity modes in photonic molecules with semiconductor nanocrystalsBRADLEY, LOUISE; DONEGAN, JOHN FRANCIS; RAKOVICH, YURY
2011The creation and annihilation of optical vortices using cascade conical diffractionPHELAN, CIARAN; LUNNEY, JAMES GERARD; EASTHAM, PAUL; DONEGAN, JOHN FRANCIS; RAKOVICH, YURY
1999Effect of self-defocusing in thin films of close-packed CdS nanocrystalsRAKOVICH, YURY
1995Effect of static electric field on luminescence spectra of quantum-size CdS, PbI2 particles and CdS monocrystalsRAKOVICH, YURY
2003Effect of ZnS Shell Thickness on the Phonon Spectra in CdSe Quantum DotsDONEGAN, JOHN FRANCIS; RAKOVICH, YURY; MOORE, ALAN; PEROVA, TANIA
2003Effect of ZnS shell thickness on the phonon spectra in CdSe quantum dotsRAKOVICH, YURY
2009Energy transfer processes in semiconductor quantum dots: bacteriorhodopsin hybrid systemRAKOVICH, YURY; DONEGAN, JOHN FRANCIS
2005Enhanced coupling of electronic and photonic states in a microcavity-quantum dot systemDONEGAN, JOHN FRANCIS; RAKOVICH, YURY
2000Enhancement of photoluminescence intensity of CdS(Se) nanocrystal thin filmsRAKOVICH, YURY
2004Fine structure of coupled optical modes in photonic moleculesDONEGAN, JOHN FRANCIS; BRADLEY, LOUISE; RAKOVICH, YURY
2004Fine structure of coupled optical modes in photonic moleculesRAKOVICH, YURY
2001FIR absorption in CdSe quantum dot ensemblesRAKOVICH, YURY
2000Free Exciton Spectra in Heteroepitaxial ZnSe/GaAs layersRAKOVICH, YURY
2010Generation of continuously tunable fractional optical orbital angular momentum using internal conical diffractionLUNNEY, JAMES GERARD; RAKOVICH, YURY; DONEGAN, JOHN FRANCIS; PHELAN, CIARAN
Showing results 3 to 22 of 57
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