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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Line registration of jittered videoKOKARAM, ANIL CHRISTOPHER
2003Line scratches detection and restoration via light diffractionKOKARAM, ANIL CHRISTOPHER
2007The linear Monge-Kantorovitch linear colour mapping for example-based colour transferKOKARAM, ANIL CHRISTOPHER; PITIE, FRANCOIS
2006Localised deflicker of moving imagesKOKARAM, ANIL CHRISTOPHER; PITIE, FRANCOIS
2002MCMC for Joint Noise Reduction and Missing Data Treatment in Degraded VideoKOKARAM, ANIL CHRISTOPHER
2010The Me31B DEAD-Box Helicase Localizes to Postsynaptic Foci and Regulates Expression of a CaMKII Reporter mRNA in Dendrites of Drosophila Olfactory Projection Neurons.HILLEBRAND, JENS; RAMASWAMI, MANI; PAN, KANGYU; KOKARAM, ANIL CHRISTOPHER
2004Modeling High Level Structure in Sports with Motion Driven HMMs,KOKARAM, ANIL CHRISTOPHER
2005N-dimensional probability density function transfer and its aplication to colour transferKOKARAM, ANIL CHRISTOPHER; PITIE, FRANCOIS
2001A new global estimation algorithm and its application to retrieval in sport eventsKOKARAM, ANIL CHRISTOPHER
2005Non-parametric wavelet based texture synthesisKOKARAM, ANIL CHRISTOPHER
2005Off-line multiple object tracking using candidate selection and the viterbi algorithmKOKARAM, ANIL CHRISTOPHER
2004On missing data treatment for degraded video and film archives: a survey and a new Bayesian approachKOKARAM, ANIL CHRISTOPHER
2007Online Parsing of Sports Coaching Video Through Intrinsic Motion AnalysisKOKARAM, ANIL CHRISTOPHER; RING, DANIEL
1997Optimal Schemes for Motion Estimation on Colour Image SequencesKOKARAM, ANIL CHRISTOPHER
2002Parametric texture synthesis for filling holes in picturesKOKARAM, ANIL CHRISTOPHER
2008The Path Assigned Mean Shift Algorithm: A New fast Mean Shift Implementation For Colour Image Segmentation.KOKARAM, ANIL CHRISTOPHER
2006Pathological motion detection for robust missing data treatment in degraded archived mediaCORRIGAN, DAVID; HARTE, NAOMI; KOKARAM, ANIL CHRISTOPHER
2005Practical Motion Based Video MattingKOKARAM, ANIL CHRISTOPHER
1999Removal of line artefacts for digital dissemination of archived film and videoKOKARAM, ANIL CHRISTOPHER
2006Robust Global Motion Estimation From Mpeg Streamswith a Gradient Based RefinementCORRIGAN, DAVID; KOKARAM, ANIL CHRISTOPHER
Showing results 34 to 53 of 65
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