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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Joint Audio Visual Retrieval for Tennis Broadcasts,KOKARAM, ANIL CHRISTOPHER
1997Joint Detection, Interpolation, Motion and Parameter estimation for Image Sequences with Missing DataKOKARAM, ANIL CHRISTOPHER
1997Line registration of jittered videoKOKARAM, ANIL CHRISTOPHER
2003Line scratches detection and restoration via light diffractionKOKARAM, ANIL CHRISTOPHER
2007The linear Monge-Kantorovitch linear colour mapping for example-based colour transferKOKARAM, ANIL CHRISTOPHER; PITIE, FRANCOIS
2006Localised deflicker of moving imagesKOKARAM, ANIL CHRISTOPHER; PITIE, FRANCOIS
2002MCMC for Joint Noise Reduction and Missing Data Treatment in Degraded VideoKOKARAM, ANIL CHRISTOPHER
2010The Me31B DEAD-Box Helicase Localizes to Postsynaptic Foci and Regulates Expression of a CaMKII Reporter mRNA in Dendrites of Drosophila Olfactory Projection Neurons.HILLEBRAND, JENS; RAMASWAMI, MANI; PAN, KANGYU; KOKARAM, ANIL CHRISTOPHER
2004Modeling High Level Structure in Sports with Motion Driven HMMs,KOKARAM, ANIL CHRISTOPHER
2005N-dimensional probability density function transfer and its aplication to colour transferKOKARAM, ANIL CHRISTOPHER; PITIE, FRANCOIS
2001A new global estimation algorithm and its application to retrieval in sport eventsKOKARAM, ANIL CHRISTOPHER
2005Non-parametric wavelet based texture synthesisKOKARAM, ANIL CHRISTOPHER
2005Off-line multiple object tracking using candidate selection and the viterbi algorithmKOKARAM, ANIL CHRISTOPHER
2004On missing data treatment for degraded video and film archives: a survey and a new Bayesian approachKOKARAM, ANIL CHRISTOPHER
2007Online Parsing of Sports Coaching Video Through Intrinsic Motion AnalysisKOKARAM, ANIL CHRISTOPHER; RING, DANIEL
1997Optimal Schemes for Motion Estimation on Colour Image SequencesKOKARAM, ANIL CHRISTOPHER
2002Parametric texture synthesis for filling holes in picturesKOKARAM, ANIL CHRISTOPHER
2008The Path Assigned Mean Shift Algorithm: A New fast Mean Shift Implementation For Colour Image Segmentation.KOKARAM, ANIL CHRISTOPHER
2006Pathological motion detection for robust missing data treatment in degraded archived mediaCORRIGAN, DAVID; HARTE, NAOMI; KOKARAM, ANIL CHRISTOPHER
2005Practical Motion Based Video MattingKOKARAM, ANIL CHRISTOPHER
Showing results 32 to 51 of 65
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