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2010Bile acid toxicity structure activity relationships: Correlations between cell viability and lipophilicity in a panel of new and known bile acids using an esophageal cell line (HET-1A)KELLEHER, DERMOT P; LONG, AIDEEN; GILMER, JOHN FRANCIS; KEAVENY, RAYMOND DOMINIC; SHARMA, RUCHIKA; WANG, JUN; MAJER, FERENC
2005Caffeic acid phenethyl ester modulates Helicobacter pylori-induced nuclear factor-kappa B and activator protein-1 expression in gastric epithelial cellsKELLEHER, DERMOT P; SABRA, KAMAL; WINDLE, HENRY
2005The CCR5-delta32 mutation: impact on disease outcome in individuals with hepatitis C infection from a single sourceKELLEHER, DERMOT P; MURPHY, ANNE
2005CD44 cross-linking induces protein kinase C-regulated migration of human T lymphocytesVOLKOV, YURI; KELLEHER, DERMOT P
1995Cellular proliferation and activation of NF kappa B are induced by autocrine production of tumor necrosis factor alpha in the human T lymphoma line HuT 78KELLEHER, DERMOT P
1997Changes in barrier function of a model intestinal epithelium by intraepithelial lymphocytes require new protein synthesis by epithelial cellsKELLEHER, DERMOT P
2013Characterising cytokine gene expression signatures in patients with severe sepsisMC MANUS, ROSS; RYAN, THOMAS; KELLEHER, DERMOT P
2005Characterization of cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase of Helicobacter pylori. An aldehyde dismutating enzymeKELLEHER, DERMOT P; TIPTON, KEITH; WINDLE, HENRY
2007Childhood Helicobacter pylori infection and growth impairment in developing countries: a vicious cycle?KELLEHER, DERMOT P
1986Chronic granulomatous disease presenting as an oculomucocutaneous syndrome mimicking Beh├žet's syndromeFEIGHERY, CONLETH FRANCIS; GRIFFIN, MAIREAD; KELLEHER, DERMOT P; MCCANN, SHAUN
2007Coagulopathy After Cardiac Surgery May Be Influenced by a Functional Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor PolymorphismKELLEHER, DERMOT P; MCMANUS, ROSS; RYAN, THOMAS
2001A common p73 polymorphism is associated with a reduced incidence of oesophageal carcinomaKELLEHER, DERMOT P; MCMANUS, ROSS
2005Conjugated linoleic acid suppresses NF-kappa B activation and IL-12 production in dendritic cells through ERK-mediated IL-10 inductionKELLEHER, DERMOT P; MILLS, KINGSTON; ROCHE, HELEN
2001Cutting edge: protein kinase C beta expression is critical for export of Il-2 from T cellsVOLKOV, YURI; KELLEHER, DERMOT P; LONG, AIDEEN
1989Defective suppression in the autologous mixed lymphocyte reaction in patients with Crohn's diseaseKELLEHER, DERMOT P
2009Deoxycholate induces COX-2 expression via Erk1/2-, p38-MAPK and AP-1-dependent mechanisms in esophageal cancer cellsDUGGAN, SHANE; KELLEHER, DERMOT P; LONG, AIDEEN
2005Detection of a Tyrosine Phosphatase LAR on Intestinal Epithelial Cells and Intraepithelial Lymphocytes in the Human Duodenum.KELLEHER, DERMOT P; MURPHY, ANNE; SHEILS, ORLA
2011A double prodrug system for colon targeting of benzenesulfonamide COX-2 inhibitorsWINDLE, HENRY; GILMER, JOHN FRANCIS; KELLEHER, DERMOT P; KEOGH, BRIAN; REILLY, MARY
1995Effects of tumour necrosis factor on BrdU incorporation in cultured human enterocytes.KELLEHER, DERMOT P; O'FARRELLY, CLIONA
2005Engagement of CD44 Modulates cyclooxygenase induction, VEGF generation, and cell proliferation in human vascular endothelial cellsKELLEHER, DERMOT P; MURPHY, JOSEPH
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