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2009Acceptance angle influence on optimum incident spot size for high-finesse microcavity two-photon absorption photodetectorsGUO, WEI-HUA; BRADLEY, LOUISE; LYNCH, MICHAEL; DONEGAN, JOHN FRANCIS
2008All-optical pulse processing for advanced photonic communication systemBRADLEY, LOUISE; DONEGAN, JOHN FRANCIS
2005All-optical sampling based on two-photon absorption in a semiconductor microcavity for high-speed OTDMBRADLEY, LOUISE; DONEGAN, JOHN FRANCIS
2007Amplified spontaneous emission from a microtube cavity with whispering gallery modesGOUNKO, IOURI; DONEGAN, JOHN FRANCIS; PEROVA, TANIA; RAKOVICH, YURY
2006Analysis of slot characteristics in single mode semiconductor lasers using the 2D scattering matrix methodDONEGAN, JOHN FRANCIS
1996Calculation of gain‐current characteristics in ZnCdSe‐ZnSe quantum well structures including many body effects.DONEGAN, JOHN FRANCIS; HEGARTY, JOHN
1999Carrier-density dependence of the photoluminescence lifetimes in ZnCdSe/ZnSSe quantum wells at room temperatureDONEGAN, JOHN FRANCIS; HEGARTY, JOHN
2010CdTe Quantum Dot/Dye Hybrid System as Photosensitizer for Photodynamic TherapyRAKOVICH, YURY; DONEGAN, JOHN FRANCIS
2009Chromatic dispersion monitoring for high-speed WDM systems using two-photon absorption in a semiconductor microcavityDONEGAN, JOHN FRANCIS; BRADLEY, LOUISE
2010Compact 2-D FDTD Method Combined With Pad Approximation Transform for Leaky Mode AnalysisGUO, WEI-HUA; LU, QIAOYIN; DONEGAN, JOHN FRANCIS; BYRNE, DIARMUID
2007Confined modes in photonic microtube structures.DONEGAN, JOHN FRANCIS; MOORE, ALAN; PEROVA, TANIA; RAKOVICH, YURY
2006Confined optical modes and amplified spontaneous emission from a microtube cavity formed by vacumm assisted filtrationGOUNKO, IOURI; DONEGAN, JOHN FRANCIS; PEROVA, TANIA; RAKOVICH, YURY
2009Conical diffraction and Bessel beam formation with a high optical quality biaxial crystalDONEGAN, JOHN FRANCIS; LUNNEY, JAMES GERARD; RAKOVICH, YURY
2012Conical diffraction of a Gaussian beam with a two crystal cascadeBALLANTINE, KYLE EDWARD; EASTHAM, PAUL; PHELAN, CIARAN; DONEGAN, JOHN FRANCIS; LUNNEY, JAMES GERARD
2010Conical diffraction of linearly polarised light controls the angular position of a microscopic objectBALLANTINE, KYLE EDWARD; PHELAN, CIARAN; RAKOVICH, YURY; DONEGAN, JOHN FRANCIS; LUNNEY, JAMES GERARD
2005Coupled cavity modes in photonic molecules with semiconductor nanocrystalsBRADLEY, LOUISE; DONEGAN, JOHN FRANCIS; RAKOVICH, YURY
2011The creation and annihilation of optical vortices using cascade conical diffractionPHELAN, CIARAN; LUNNEY, JAMES GERARD; EASTHAM, PAUL; DONEGAN, JOHN FRANCIS; RAKOVICH, YURY
1998Defect annealing in a II-VI laser diode structure under intense optical excitationDONEGAN, JOHN FRANCIS; MC CABE, EITHNE MARY
2010Description of polarisation dependence of two-photon absorption in silicon avalanche photodiodesGUO, WEI-HUA; DONEGAN, JOHN FRANCIS; LYNCH, MICHAEL; BRADLEY, LOUISE; FLOOD, EDWARD ANTHONY
2008Design of low V-pi high-speed GaAs travelling-wave electrooptic phase modulators using an n-i-p-n structureDONEGAN, JOHN FRANCIS
Showing results 2 to 21 of 112
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