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1998Percolation-dominated conductivity in a conjugated-polymer-carbon-nanotube compositeCOLEMAN, JONATHAN NESBIT; BARKLIE, ROBERT CHARLES; BLAU, WERNER
2013Photoconductivity of solution-processed MoS2 filmsCOLEMAN, JONATHAN NESBIT; DONEGAN, JOHN FRANCIS; KHAN, UMAR; MC CLOSKEY, DAVID
2005Physical Mechanism for the mechanical reinforcement in nanotube-polymer composite materialsCOLEMAN, JONATHAN NESBIT; FERREIRA, MAURO
2013Polymer reinforcement using liquid-exfoliated boron nitride nanosheetsKHAN, UMAR; O'NEILL, ARLENE; COLEMAN, JONATHAN NESBIT; MAY, PETER
2012Preparation of high concentration dispersions of exfoliated MoS 2 with increased flake sizeCOLEMAN, JONATHAN NESBIT; O'NEILL, ARLENE; KHAN, UMAR
2010The preparation of hybrid films of carbon nanotubes and nanographite/graphene with excellent mechanical and electrical propertiesCOLEMAN, JONATHAN NESBIT; KHAN, UMAR; GOUNKO, IOURI
2009Quantitative comparison of ultracentrifuged and diluted single walled nanotubeCOLEMAN, JONATHAN NESBIT
2005Reinforcement of macroscopic carbon nanotube structures by polymer intercalation: The role of polymer molecular weight and chain conformationBLAU, WERNER; COLEMAN, JONATHAN NESBIT
2005Reinforcement of macroscopic carbon nanotube structures by polymer intercalation: The role of polymer molecular weight and chain conformationCOLEMAN, JONATHAN NESBIT; BLAU, WERNER
2013Reinforcement of metal with liquid-exfoliated inorganic nano-plateletsCOLEMAN, JONATHAN NESBIT; MAY, PETER; KHAN, UMAR
2008The relationship between network morphology and conductivity in nanotube filmsCOLEMAN, JONATHAN NESBIT; FERREIRA, MAURO
2009Silver Nanowire Networks as Flexible, Transparent, Conducting Films: Extremely High DC to Optical Conductivity RatiosBLAU, WERNER; COLEMAN, JONATHAN NESBIT; BOLAND, JOHN
2012Size selection of dispersed, exfoliated graphene flakes by controlled centrifugationO'NEILL, ARLENE; MAY, PETER; COLEMAN, JONATHAN NESBIT; KHAN, UMAR
2012Solvent Exfoliation of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides: Dispersibility of Exfoliated Nanosheets Varies Only Weakly between CompoundsCOLEMAN, JONATHAN NESBIT; SANVITO, STEFANO
2009The spatial uniformity and electromechanical stability of transparent, conductive films of single walled nanotubesCOLEMAN, JONATHAN NESBIT; BOLAND, JOHN; BLAU, WERNER
2012Study of the mechanical, electrical and morphological properties of PU/ MWCNT composites obtained by two different processing routesKHAN, UMAR; COLEMAN, JONATHAN NESBIT
2011Transparent conducting films from NbSe(3) nanowires.DE, SUKANTA; COLEMAN, JONATHAN NESBIT
2011Two-Dimensional Nanosheets Produced by Liquid Exfoliation of Layered MaterialsDONEGAN, JOHN FRANCIS; COLEMAN, JONATHAN NESBIT; BOLAND, JOHN; SHVETS, IGOR; NICOLOSI, VALERIA
2009Upper bound for the conductivity of nanotube networksCOLEMAN, JONATHAN NESBIT; FERREIRA, MAURO
2010Very thin transparent, conductive carbon nanotube films on flexible substratesCOLEMAN, JONATHAN NESBIT
Showing results 43 to 62 of 62
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