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2011Nanoscale dissipation and magnetoresistive 1/f noise in spin valvesCOEY, JOHN MICHAEL DAVID
2009Negative magnetoresistance in dual spin valve structures with a synthetic antiferromagnetic free layerFOWLEY, CIARAN; COEY, JOHN MICHAEL DAVID
2004Negative magnetoresistance in Fe3O4/Au/Fe spin valvesVAN, DIJKEN SEBASTIAN; COEY, JOHN MICHAEL DAVID
1974Nickel sulfide - an itinerant electron antiferromagnet.COEY, JOHN MICHAEL DAVID
2007Noise in MgO barrier magnetic tunnel junctions with CoFeB electrodes; influence of annealing temperatureFENG, GEN; COEY, JOHN MICHAEL DAVID
1994Non-equilibrium gas-phase nitrogenationCOEY, JOHN MICHAEL DAVID
1971Noncollinear spin arrangement in ultrafine ferrimagnetic crystallitesCOEY, JOHN MICHAEL DAVID
1993Nucleation field and energy product of aligned two-phase magnets - progress towards the '1 MJ/m3' magnetCOEY, JOHN MICHAEL DAVID
1990Observation of intermultiplet transitions in Sm(Fe11Ti) by inelastic neutron scatteringCOEY, JOHN MICHAEL DAVID
2013Origin of the Two-Dimensional Electron Gas at LaAlO3=SrTiO3 Interfaces: The Role of Oxygen Vacancies and Electronic ReconstructionCOEY, JOHN MICHAEL DAVID; VENKATESAN, MUNUSWAMY
2012Patterning metallic electrodeposits with magnet arraysCOEY, JOHN MICHAEL DAVID
1994Permanent magnet variable flux sources.COEY, JOHN MICHAEL DAVID
2010Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy in CoFeB/Pd BilayersRODE, KARSTEN; KURT, HUSEYIN; OGUZ, KAAN; COEY, JOHN MICHAEL DAVID; FOWLEY, CIARAN
1990Perpendicular magnetic-anisotropy in iron films produced by laser chemical vapor-deposition of FE(CO)5LUNNEY, JAMES GERARD; COEY, JOHN MICHAEL DAVID
2006Point contact Andreev reflection by nanoindentation of polymethyl methacrylateCOEY, JOHN MICHAEL DAVID
1992Progress towards spin-polarized scanning tunneling microscopySHVETS, IGOR; COEY, JOHN MICHAEL DAVID
1998Quantised conductance in a contact between metallic oxide crystalsCOEY, JOHN MICHAEL DAVID
1998Quantized conductance in a contact between metallic oxide crystalsLUNNEY, JAMES GERARD; COEY, JOHN MICHAEL DAVID
1999Raman spectroscopy of ferromagnetic CrO2COEY, JOHN MICHAEL DAVID
2010Reduced low frequency noise in electron beam evaporated MgO magnetic tunnel junctionsFENG, JIA-FENG; KURT, HUSEYIN; COEY, JOHN MICHAEL DAVID; DIAO, ZHU
Showing results 102 to 121 of 144
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