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1974Heat capacity and metal-insulator transition in Ti4O7 single crystals'COEY, JOHN MICHAEL DAVID
1974Heat capacity of nichel sulfide and its semimetal-metal transitionCOEY, JOHN MICHAEL DAVID
2007High inverted tunneling magnetoresistance in MgO - based magnetic tunnel junctionsFENG, JIA-FENG; COEY, JOHN MICHAEL DAVID
2005High temperature ferromagnetism in dilute ferromagnetic oxidesCOEY, JOHN MICHAEL DAVID
1997Hydrogen in R2Fe17 intermetallic compounds: structural, thermodynamic and magnetic propertiesCOEY, JOHN MICHAEL DAVID
2011Influence of an Au capping layer on the magnetic properties of CoPt nanowiresCOEY, JOHN MICHAEL DAVID; MONZON, LORENA; VENKATESAN, MUNUSWAMY; STAMENOV, PLAMEN
2006Influence of annealing on the bias voltage dependence of tunnelling magnetoresistance in MgO double-barrier magnetic tunnel junctions with CoFeB electrodesFENG, GEN; VAN DIJKEN, SEBASTIAN; COEY, JOHN MICHAEL DAVID
2013Influence of growth conditions on magnetite nanoparticles electro-crystallized in the presence of organic molecules.COEY, JOHN MICHAEL DAVID; MONZON, LORENA
2010Influence of magnetic field on hydrogen reduction and co-reduction in the Cu/CuSO4 systemCOEY, JOHN MICHAEL DAVID; DIAO, ZHU; DUNNE, PETER; FERNANDEZ, DAMARIS
2005Influence of the annealing field strength on exchange bias and magnetoresistance of spin valves with IrMnVAN, DIJKEN SEBASTIAN; COEY, JOHN MICHAEL DAVID
2002Integrain magnetoresistance in electron-doped Sr2FeMoO6VENKATESAN, MUNUSWAMY; COEY, JOHN MICHAEL DAVID
2006Internalization of ferromagnetic nanowires by different living cellsCOEY, JOHN MICHAEL DAVID; PRINA MELLO, ADRIELE
2009Inverted magnetoresistance in dual spin valve structures with a synthetic antiferromagnetic free layerCOEY, JOHN MICHAEL DAVID; WU, HAN-CHUN; SHVETS, IGOR; FOWLEY, CIARAN
2005IrMn as exchange-biasing material in systems with perpendicular magnetic anisotropyVAN DIJKEN, SEBASTIAN; COEY, JOHN MICHAEL DAVID
1987Kohlraush thermal relaxation in a random magnetCOEY, JOHN MICHAEL DAVID
2012Magnetic and electronic properties of D022-Mn3Ge (001) filmsSTAMENOV, PLAMEN; COEY, JOHN MICHAEL DAVID; SANVITO, STEFANO; VENKATESAN, MUNUSWAMY
2001Magnetic excitations in a nanocontactCOEY, JOHN MICHAEL DAVID
2002Magnetic field effects on the rest potential of ferromagnetic electrodesCOEY, JOHN MICHAEL DAVID
2014Magnetic fields in electrochemistry: The Lorentz force. A mini-reviewMONZON, LORENA; COEY, JOHN MICHAEL DAVID
1998Magnetic hardening of Sm2Fe17N3 by radiation damageCOEY, JOHN MICHAEL DAVID
Showing results 48 to 67 of 144
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