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2007A2B2 type push-pull porphyrins as reverse saturable and saturable absorbersSENGE, MATHIAS; BLAU, WERNER
2011Activation behaviour and dielectric relaxation in polyvinyl alcohol and multiwall carbon nanotube composite filmsBLAU, WERNER
2003Alkynyl substituted phthalocyanine derivatives as targets for optical limitingBLAU, WERNER
2004Alternating and direct current characterization and photoinduced absorption studies of modified conjugated polymer thin filmsCOLEMAN, JONATHAN NESBIT; BLAU, WERNER; DRURY, ANNA
2004Alternating and direct current characterization and photoinduced absorption studies of modified conjugated polymer thin filmsBLAU, WERNER; COLEMAN, JONATHAN NESBIT; DRURY, ANNA
1999Amplified spontaneous emission and optical gain spectra from stilbenoid and phenylene vinylene derivative model compoundsBLAU, WERNER
2011Anomalous electrical transport properties of polyvinyl alcohol-multiwall carbon nanotubes composites below room temperatureBLAU, WERNER
1987Base-specific photocleavage of DNA induced by nanosecond U.V. pulsed laser radiation or methylene blue sensitisationMC CONNELL, DAVID JOHN; BLAU, WERNER; KELLY, JOHN MOFFAT
2001Blue amplified spontaneous emission from a stilbenoid-compound-doped polymer optical fiberBLAU, WERNER
2006Blue-green small-signal gain and saturation in a luminescent polymer gain mediumBLAU, WERNER
2011Carbazole linked porphyrin dimers for organic light emitting diodes: Synthesis and initial photophysical studiesSENGE, MATHIAS; BLAU, WERNER; RYAN, AOIFE
2009Carbon nanotubes and nanotube composites for nonlinear optical devicesBLAU, WERNER; WANG, JUN
2005Charge transport effects in field emission from carbon nanotube-polymer compositesBLAU, WERNER; COLEMAN, JONATHAN NESBIT
2009Correlation studies on structurally diverse porphyrin monomers, dimers and trimers and their nonlinear optical responsesBLAU, WERNER; SENGE, MATHIAS
2007Dispersion and purification of Mo6S3I6 nanowires in organic solventsCOLEMAN, JONATHAN NESBIT; BLAU, WERNER
2000Distributed feedback laser action from polymeric waveguides doped with oligo phenylene vinylene model compoundsBLAU, WERNER
2005Effect of solvent and dispersant on the bundle dissociation of single-walled carbon nanotubeGIORDANI, SILVIA; COLEMAN, JONATHAN NESBIT; DRURY, ANNA; BLAU, WERNER
2007The effect of solvent choice on the mechanical properties of carbon nanotube polymer compositesCOLEMAN, JONATHAN NESBIT; BLAU, WERNER
2001Enhanced brightness in organic light-emitting diodes using a carbon nanotube composite as an electron-transport layerCOLEMAN, JONATHAN NESBIT; BLAU, WERNER; DRURY, ANNA
2002Experimental observation of scaling laws for alternating current and direct current conductivity in polymer-carbon nanotube composite thin filmsCOLEMAN, JONATHAN NESBIT; BLAU, WERNER; HUTZLER, STEFAN; DRURY, ANNA
Showing results 1 to 20 of 68
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