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  • Technology foresight 

    Hardiman, T. P. (Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland, 1996)
    Following the investment in education OECD study in the early sixties the significance of technology to economic development became more apparent. The setting up of the National Science Council under the chairmanship of ...
  • The Tierney report - a challenge for leadership 

    Mulcahy, Noel (Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland, 1996)
    This paper is presented as a means of demonstrating that the Tierney Report, arising from the work of the Science Technology and Innovation Advisory Council (STIAC), has the potential to stimulate a new phase of ...
  • Trade and development: the challenges facing the WTO Doha development road 

    Morahan, John (Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland, 2006)
    The WTO Ministerial meeting in Doha in November 2001 launched a new Round of world trade talks known as the Doha Development Agenda or Death. DDA represents a new approach to the goal of integrating developing countries ...
  • Trade and industry 

    Fitzpatrick, Jim (Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland, 1985)
    This paper discusses trade aspects of Ireland's relations with Third World countries. As implied in the overall title of the symposium, "Ireland, Europe and the Third World", the topic is dealt with in a European Community ...
  • Trinity Week Academic Symposium - Data for policy and research 

    O'Hanlon, G. (Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland, 2007)
    The availability of high quality statistical data on economic and social conditions is a fundamental prerequisite for ensuring an effective partnership between policy makers and academic researchers in contributing to the ...
  • Trinity Week Academic Symposium - Open access revolution: the local and national context 

    Brennan, Niamh (Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland, 2007)
    The title of this Academic Symposium comes from a paper read before Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland on Thursday, 14th January 1897, which refers to ?the grievances of prejudiced patriots or the dreams of ...
  • Trinity Week Academic Symposium - Origins, mission and significance 

    Daly, Mary E. (Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland, 2007)
    This symposium celebrates the launch of a dedicated website of the proceedings of the Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland, and its direct ancestor the Dublin Statistical Society. The Dublin Statistical Society ...
  • Trinity Week Academic Symposium - Public policy partnerships 

    Donnelly, Gerry (Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland, 2007)
    The Irish Civil Service, probably like a lot of workplaces, has changed almost beyond recognition in the past 35 years. In the 1970s, almost all internal communication was in writing and it was commonplace for the views ...
  • Uneven economic development and its implications for policy: Lessons from the UK 

    Overman, Henry G. (Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland, 2018)
    This paper examines the UK’s large and, by some measures, growing variation in economic performance across cities and regions and assesses how policymakers can and should respond. The traditional policy mix – including ...
  • Union membership in Ireland since 2003 

    Walsh, Frank (Statistical and Social Inquiry Statistical Society of Ireland, 2015)
    Using data from the Quarterly National Household Survey supplemented with some data from the European Social Survey we document a steady decline in union density in Ireland since 2003. While the great recession appeared ...
  • Wealthier and healthier: Ireland's demographic catch-up 

    Walsh, Brendan M. (Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland, 2008)
    In the first half of this paper I summarise the trend in Irish deaths rates over the period 1973-2006. In the second half I discuss some possible explanations of these trends.
  • Who is the Populist Irish Voter? 

    Reidy, Theresa; Suiter, Jane (SSISI, 2017)
    Across the EU, the Great Recession begot economic and political crisis heralding a renewed march towards populism and party system fragmentation. Much commentary about Ireland remarked on the absence of a populist surge ...