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  • Development of a Climate Forcing Observation System for Africa: Data-Related Considerations 

    Saunders, Matthew; Beck, Johannes; López-Ballesteros, Ana; Hugo, Wim; Scholes, Robert; Helmschrot, Jörg (2019)
    In the case of the African continent, the estimates of most climate forcing components are associated with large uncertainties, above all the greenhouse gas budget. The EU-funded SEACRIFOG project is designing an observation ...
  • Meta-trends in Global Value Chains and Development: Interacting Impacts with COVID-19 in Africa 

    Carmody, Padraig (2020)
    How will the COVID-19 pandemic affect prospects for foreign investment and development in Africa? In part this depends on its interaction with pre-existing meta-trends in the global economy, such as the rise of China and ...
  • Towards a feasible and representative pan-African research infrastructure network for GHG observations 

    López-Ballesteros, Ana; Beck, Johannes; Bombelli, Antonio; Grieco, Elisa; Krkoška Lorencová, Eliška; Merbold, Lutz; Brümmer, Christian; Hugo, Wim; Scholes, Robert; Vačkár, David; Vermeulen, Alex; Acosta, Manuel; Butterbach-Bahl, Klaus; Helmschrot, Jörg; Jones, Michael; Jorch, Veronika; Pavelka, Marian; Skjelvan, Ingunn; Saunders, Matthew; Kim, Dong-Gill (2018)
    There is currently a lack of representative, systematic and harmonised greenhouse gas (GHG) observations covering the variety of natural and human-altered biomes that occur in Africa. This impedes the long-term assessment ...