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  • Electronic and structural characterisation of polycrystalline platinum disulfide thin films 

    We employ a combination of scanning tunnelling microscopy (STM) and scanning tunnelling spectroscopy (STS) to investigate the properties of layered PtS2, synthesised via thermally assisted conversion (TAC) of a metallic ...
  • Imaging and identification of point defects in PtTe2 

    Zhussupbekov, Kuanysh; Ansari, Lida; McManus, John B.; Zhussupbekova, Ainur; Shvets, Igor V.; Duesberg, Georg S.; Hurley, Paul K.; Ó Coileáin, Cormac; McEvoy, Niall (2021)
    The properties and performance of two-dimensional (2D) materials can be greatly affected by point defects. PtTe2, a 2D material that belongs to the group 10 transition metal dichalcogenides, is a type-II Dirac semimetal, ...