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  • Ancient pigs reveal a near-complete genomic turnover following their introduction to Europe 

    Bradley, Daniel; Frantz, Laurent A.F.; Haile, James; Lin, Audrey T.; Scheu, Amelie; Geörg, Christina; Benecke, Norbert; Alexander, Michelle; Linderholm, Anna; Mullin, Victoria E.; Daly, Kevin G.; Battista, Vincent M.; Price, Max; Gron, Kurt J.; Alexandri, Panoraia; Arbogast, Rose-Marie; Arbuckle, Benjamin; Balasescu, Adrian; Barnett, Ross; Bartosiewicz, László; Baryshnikov, Gennady; Bonsall, Clive; Borić, Dušan; Boroneant, Adina; Bulatović, Jelena; Çarkirlar, Canan; Carretero, José-Miguel; Chapman, John; Church, Mike; Crooijmans, Richard; De Cupere, Bea; Detry, Cleia; Dimitrijevic, Vesna; Dumitrascu, Valentin; du Plessis, Louis; Edwards, Ceiridwen (2019)
    Archaeological evidence indicates that pig domestication had begun by ∼10,500 y before the present (BP) in the Near East, and mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) suggests that pigs arrived in Europe alongside farmers ∼8,500 y BP. A ...
  • Genome-wide data from two early Neolithic East Asian individuals dating to 7700 years ago 

    Bradley, Daniel; Siska, Veronica; Jones, Eppie Ruth; Jeon, Sungwon; Bhak, Youngjune; Kim, Hak-Min; Cho, Yun Sung; Kim, Hyunho; Lee, Kyusang; Veselovskaya, Elizaveta; Balueva, Tatiana; Gallego-Llorente, Marcos; Hofreiter, Michael; Eriksson, Andres; Pinhasi, Ron; Bhak, Jong; Manica, Andrea (2017)
    Ancient genomes have revolutionized our understanding of Holocene prehistory and, particularly, the Neolithic transition in western Eurasia. In contrast, East Asia has so far received little attention, despite ...
  • Origins and genetic legacies of the Caribbean Taino 

    Bradley, Daniel; Schroeder, Hannes; Sikora, Martin; Gopalakrishnan, Shyam; Cassidy, Lara M.; Maisano Delser, Pierpaolo; Sandoval Velasco, Marcela; Schraiber, Joshua G.; Rasmussen, Simon; Homburger, Julian R.; Ávila-Arcos, María C.; Allentoft, Morten E.; Moreno-Mayar, J. Víctor; Renaud, Gabriel; Gómez-Carballa, Alberto; Laffoon, Jason E.; Hopkins, Rachel J.A.; Higham, Thomas F.G.; Carr, Robert S.; Schaffer, William C.; Day, Jane S.; Hoogland, Menno; Salas, Antonio; Bustamante, Carlos D.; Nielsen, Rasmus; Hofman, Corinne L.; Willerslev, Eske (2018)
    Ancient DNA has revolutionized the field of archaeology, but in the Caribbean and other tropical regions of the world, the work has been hampered by poor DNA preservation. We present an ancient human genome from the Caribbean ...
  • The population genomics of archaeological transition in west Iberia: Investigation of ancient substructure using imputation and haplotype-based methods 

    Mc Laughlin, Russell; Bradley, Daniel; Martiniano, Rui; Cassidy, Lara M.; Ó'Maoldúin, Ros; Silva, Nuno M.; Manco, Licinio; Fidalgo, Daniel; Pereira, Tania; Coelho, Maria J.; Serra, Miguel; Burger, Joachim; Parriera, Rui; Moran, Elena; Valera, Antonio C.; Porfirio, Eduardo; Boaventura, Rui; Silva, Ana M. (2017)
    We analyse new genomic data (0.05–2.95x) from 14 ancient individuals from Portugal distributed from the Middle Neolithic (4200–3500 BC) to the Middle Bronze Age (1740–1430 BC) and impute genomewide diploid genotypes in ...
  • Variance components for bovine tuberculosis infection and multi-breed genome-wide association analysis using imputed whole genome sequence data 

    Bradley, Daniel (2019)
    Bovine tuberculosis (bTB) is an infectious disease of cattle generally caused by Mycobacterium bovis, a bacterium that can elicit disease humans. Since the 1950s, the objective of the national bTB eradication program in ...
  • The york gospels: A 1000-year biological palimpsest 

    Bradley, Daniel; Teasdale, Matthew D.; Fiddyment, Sarah; Vnouček, Jiří; Mattiangeli, Valeria; Camilla, Speller; Binois, Annelise; Carver, Martin; Dand, Catherine; Newfield, Timothy P.; Webb, Christopher C.; Collins, Matthew J. (2017)
    Medieval manuscripts, carefully curated and conserved, represent not only an irreplaceable documentary record but also a remarkable reservoir of biological information. Palaeographic and codicological investigation can ...