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  • An Alternative Representation of Video via Feature Extraction (RAAVE) 

    SALIM, FAHIM AHMED (Trinity College Dublin. School of Computer Science & Statistics. Discipline of Computer Science, 2019)
    This thesis proposes a novel approach called RAAVE to transform video from a linear stream of content into an interactive multimedia document and thereby enhance the exploration potential of video content. Exploring the ...
  • Integrating non-viral gene therapy and 3D bioprinting for bone, cartilage and osteochondral tissue engineering 

    GONZALEZ FERNANDEZ, TOMAS (Trinity College Dublin. School of Engineering. Discipline of Mechanical & Manuf. Eng, 2018)
    The repair of osteochondral defects, affecting both the articular cartilage and the underlying subchondral bone, is key for the effective recovery of joint homeostasis and the prevention of further cartilage degeneration ...
  • Nanomechanical Label Free Micro RNA Detection For Cancer And Liver Injury Diagnosis 

    DUFFY, JAMES (Trinity College Dublin. School of Physics. Discipline of Physics, 2019)
    A biosensor is a device in which a biological component is coupled to a transducer which converts a biological recognition event into a detectable signal. Microribonucleic acid (miRNA, microRNA) are non protein coding ...
  • The Tamura Cycloaddition: Mechanism and Enantiocontrol 

    LOCKETT-WALTERS, BRUCE (Trinity College Dublin. School of Chemistry. Discipline of Chemistry, 2019)
    This thesis documents attempts to employ succinimide derivatives as ‘anhydride surrogates’ in the organocatalytic cycloaddition between aryl succinic anhydrides and various electrophiles previously developed in our research ...