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  • Biological N₂ fixation and N loss as N₂O and N₂ in a white clover-based system of dairy production 

    Burchill, William (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). Department of Botany, 2014)
    Pasture-based livestock production systems have a relatively large requirement for nitrogen (N) input compared to other food production systems. These inputs may consist of organic N, mineral N or biologically-fixed N. Of ...
  • Biological roles of semicarbazide sensitive amine oxidase 

    Olivieri, Aldo (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). School of Biochemistry and Immunology, 2009)
    SSAO is a multifunctional protein that catalyses the oxidative deamination of primary amines, according to the overall reaction RCH2NH2 + O2 + H2O -» RCHO + NH3 + H2O2. In this work, some of the recognised physiological ...
  • Biomass to biofuel : the engineering of Saccharomyces species for the co-fermentation of cellulose and xylose 

    Kricka, William Laurence (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). Department of Microbiology, 2015)
    Lignocellulose represents one of the most abundant biomass sources in the world. Its renewable and abundant nature makes it a prime target for use in bioethanol production. The efficient conversion of lignocellulosic biomass ...
  • Biomass to biofuel : towards the bioengineering of Saccharomyces species for cellulose degradation 

    Fitzpatrick, James (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). Department of Microbiology, 2011)
    Cellulose is the most abundant polysaccharide on earth and therefore represents a major reservoir of sugar that could be potentially converted to alcohol and used as a fuel source. The filamentous fungus Trichoderma reesei ...
  • A Biomechanical Assessment of Direct and Inertial Head Loading in Rugby Union 

    TIERNEY, GREGORY JOHN (Trinity College Dublin. School of Engineering. Discipline of Mechanical & Manuf. Eng, 2018)
    Rugby union is a territorial, dynamic and high-impact collision sport. Unfortunately, due to its physical and high impact nature, the incidence of concussion is high. There is mounting evidence that repeatedly sustaining ...
  • Biomechanical measures of function of the ano-rectal region of the human body 

    Alqudah, Maha Mohammed (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). School of Medicine. Discipline of Clinical Medicine, 2015)
    In this research, the Functional Lumen Imaging Probe (FLIP), a novel measurement tool, was adapted to measure the biomechanical properties and morphological changes of the ano-rectal region during distension and provocative ...
  • Biomechanical origins of osteoporosis 

    McNamara, Laoise Maria (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, 2004)
    The contention of this thesis is that a pathological change in bone tissue material properties during osteoporosis ahers the mechanical stimuli to bone remodelling cells and drives them to adapt the trabecular architecture ...
  • Biomechanics of Repair in Invertebrates 

    O'NEILL, MAEVE (Trinity College Dublin. School of Engineering. Discipline of Mechanical & Manuf. Eng, 2019)
    Repair is a ubiquitous process in nature, and it is one of the many features of biological materials that humans are constantly attempting to recreate. Though the process of repair has been studied in mammals, very little ...
  • Biometric retrieval of cryptographic keys 

    Ní Fhloinn, Eabhnat (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). School of Computer Science & Statistics, 2006)
    The problem statement addressed in this thesis is the creation of the first biometric key retrieval scheme capable of protecting private keys used in all three types of public-key cryptosystems: those that rely on the ...
  • Biometric revision of the genus Stenophragmidium Bassler, 1952 (Trepostomata, Bryozoa) from the Upper Palaeozoic 

    Cleary, Duncan (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). Department of Geology, 2001)
    This study comprises a complete systematic revision of the trepostome genus Stenophragmidium Bassler, 1952 (Trepostomata, Bryozoa) from the Upper Palaeozoic, that incorporates stratigraphical, palaeogeographical, ...
  • Biophysical and immunological pathway endophenotyping of atopic dermatitis stratified for filaggrin mutations 

    O'Regan, Grainne (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). School of Medicine. Discipline of Clinical Medicine, 2015)
    Atopic dermatitis (AD, eczema) is a common inflammatory skin disease, driven and modified by environmental, immunological and genetic factors. It is characterized clinically by inflammatory and pruritic skin lesions and ...
  • Biophysical Investigations of the Specificity between Rab GTPases and their Effectors 

    KEARNEY, AOIFE MAIREAD (Trinity College Dublin. School of Biochemistry & Immunology. Discipline of Biochemistry, 2018)
    The specificity of protein-protein interactions is a complex process that is poorly understood and difficult to predict. Understanding the molecular basis for specificity of a protein and its binding partner requires a ...
  • Biophysical Regulation of Stem Cell Osteogenic Lineage Commitment: A Role for the Cytoskeleton 

    STAVENSCHI, ELENA (Trinity College Dublin. School of Engineering. Discipline of Mechanical & Manuf. Eng, 2019)
    Osteoporosis is a debilitating disease characterised by weakened bone architecture due to increased resorption activity of osteoclasts and diminished bone deposition by mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) derived osteoblasts. ...
  • Bioremediation of unresolved complex mixtures in marine oil spills : an analytical perspective 

    McGovern, E. (Evin) P. (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). School of Chemistry, 2000)
    Unresolved complex mixture (UCM) is the fraction of some petroleums that cannot be resolved by conventional gas chromatography and is characteristic of biodegraded petroleum oils and some refined products such as lubricating ...
  • Bipyridyl alkynyl-based polyphenylenes : tuning photoluminescence in metal-organic chromophores 

    Nolan, Deanne (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). School of Chemistry, 2011)
    Chapter 1 introduces two series of novel polyphenylene molecules with inherent ligand functionality. These are prepared via a sequence of Sonogashira cross-coupling reactions and [2+4] Diels-Alder cycloadditions and are ...
  • Birds bred in cages : Katherine Mansfield and the anxiety of authority 

    McDonnell, Jenny (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). School of English, 2006)
    This thesis accounts for the growing professionalisation of Katherine Mansfield as a writer between the years of 1910 and 1922, and addresses the ways in which the publication contexts in which her writing first appeared ...
  • Black Gay Male Identity in the African Diaspora 

    WILKINS, JOHNNY (Trinity College Dublin. School of English. Discipline of English, 2018)
    This study seeks to fill this gap. By interrogating new or overlooked characterizations of positive black gay male identity, it seeks to address theorizations of black identity as it relates to black gay male identity.
  • Black holes and string theory : selected topics 

    Kennedy, Conall (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). School of Mathematics, 2001)
    This thesis is divided into three parts. In Part I the concept of holography in the context of the Maldacena conjecture and the three-dimensional black hole of Banados, Teitelboim and Zanelli (BTZ) is studied. In particular, ...
  • Bleed-through document image restoration 

    Rowley-Brooke, Róisín (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering, 2014)
  • The blessing and the curse of Job 

    SZKLARZ MATHIS, MAGDALENA MARIA (Trinity College Dublin. School of Lang, Lit. & Cultural Studies. Discipline of Near & Middle Eastern Studies, 2018)
    This thesis argues that the theme of blessing and curse runs through all the book of Job and it is not limited to the prose parts (prologue and epilogue) and the third chapter where the idea of --blessing and curse has ...