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  • Automatic Discovery and Geotagging of Objects from Street View Imagery 

    Kenny, Eamonn; Krylov, Vladimir; Dahyot, Rozenn (2018)
    Many applications, such as autonomous navigation, urban planning, and asset monitoring, rely on the availability of accurate information about objects and their geolocations. In this paper, we propose the automatic detection ...
  • Leadership for Business Excellence: The Gender Perspective 

    DREW, EILEEN PATRICIA (SAI Global, 2008)
    The adoption of appropriate forms of leadership in response to modern organizational needs has become a major strand of management theory and underpins the pursuit of Total Quality/Business Excellence. With some notable ...
  • Parameter estimation for a model with both imperfect test and repair 

    We describe estimation of the parameters of a manufacturing test and repair model using data available from that test. The model allows imperfect testing and imperfect repair. The principal problem that we address is ...
  • Women in science and technology employment 

    DREW, EILEEN PATRICIA (Goodbody, 2001)
    Ireland continues to experience the fastest growth in GNP within the European Union, with average GNP increases of almost 8 per cent per annum over the period of the late 1990's. This has led to buoyancy in the Irish ...