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  • Chemistry and pharmacology of the kazakh crataegus almaatensis pojark: An asian herbal medicine 

    Boylan, Fabio; Soares, Sabrina S.; Bekbolatova, Elmira; Cotrim, Maria Dulce; Sakipova, Zuriyadda; Ibragimova, Liliya; Kukula-Koch, Wirginia; Giorno, Thais Biondino Sardella; Fernandes, Patricia Dias; Fonseca, Diogo André (2019)
    Crataegus almaatensis, an endemic ornamental plant in Kazakhstan is used in popular medicine due to its cardiotonic properties. The most studied species of the same genus are commonly found in Europe, which shows the ...
  • Study on the antinociceptive activity and mechanism of action of isolated saponins from siolmatra brasiliensis (Cogn.) Baill 

    Boylan, Fabio; Giorno, Thais Biondino Sardella; dos Santos, Carlos Henrique Corrêa; de Carvalho, Mario Geraldo; da Silva, Virgínia Cláudia; de Sousa Jr., Paulo Teixeria; Fernandes, Patricia Dias (2019)
    Infusions of roots of Siolmatra brasiliensis (Cogn.) Baill, (“taiuiá”, “cipó-tauá”) are used for toothache pain and ulcers. We aimed to study the antinociceptive effects and identify the possible mechanism of action of ...