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  • Development and characterisation of soluble polymeric particles for pulmonary peptide delivery 

    Healy, Anne-Marie; Ehrhardt, Carsten; Corrigan, Owen; Tajber, Lidia (2010)
    Pulmonary administration of protein and peptide drugs using inhaled dry powder particles is an interesting alternative to parenteral delivery. The stabilisation of these molecules is essential to the maintenance of biological ...
  • Manganese: a new contrast agent for lung imaging? 

    Ehrhardt, Carsten; Gobbo, Oliviero; Zurek, Magdalena; Tewes, Frederic; Crémillieux, Yannick (2012)
    Lung parenchyma remains one of the most difficult tissues to be imaged by means of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Several MRI techniques are routinely used for lung imaging. However, manganese-enhancement MRI ...