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  • Inventing the Grand Banks: A Deep Chart. Humanities GIS, Cartesian, and Literary Perceptions of the North-West Atlantic Fishery ca 1500-1800 

    Holm, Poul; Travis, Charles; Ludlow, Francis; MATTHEWS, JOHN ALPHONSUS; HAYES, PATRICK; Rankin, Kieran; Legg, Robert; Nicholls, John; Lougheed, Kevin; Allaire, Bernard; Towns, Lydia (2020)
    As a feature of the Fish Revolution (1400–1700), the early modern “invention” of the Grand Banks in literary and cartographical documents facilitated a massive and unprecedented extraction of cod from the waters of the ...
  • The North Atlantic Fish Revolution, c. AD 1500 

    Holm, Poul; Ludlow, Francis; Scherer, Cordula; Travis, Charles; HAYES, PATRICK; Rankin, Kieran; Breen, Richard; Legg, Robert; Nicholls, John (2019)
    We propose the concept of the “Fish Revolution” to demarcate the dramatic increase in North Atlantic fisheries after AD 1500, which led to a 15-fold increase of cod (Gadus morhua) catch volumes and likely a tripling of ...