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  • Determinants of establishment size in Irish manufacturing industries - some notes on Irish case 1931-1972 

    Farley, Noel J.J. (Economic and Social Research Institute, Dublin, 1975)
    In recent times economic writing has examined the questions of what determines estabhshment size in manufacturing industries and whether establishment size has increased over time. In 1952 J. Jewkes argued that there was ...
  • Population trends in seventeenth-century Ireland 

    Cullen, L.M. (Economic and Social Research Institute, Dublin, 1975)
    Population estimates, while often arbitrary, merit close attention. While the estimates, often amounting to mere guess-work, reflect belief in what was happening in economic society, once formed they are frequently employed ...
  • Productivity, prices, and factor shares in Irish manufacturing industry 1953-70 

    Sutton, J. (Economic and Social Research Institute, Dublin, 1975)
    The share of wages and salaries in the net output of manufacturing industry over the period 1953-70 is shown in Fig. 1. The upward trend of the earlier years was reversed after 1957, and the share declined fairly.steadily ...
  • Short-term forecasting - review of recent experience 

    Durkan, J.; Kelleher, R. (Economic and Social Research Institute, Dublin, 1975)
    Since September 1968 The Economic and Social Research Institute has published detailed forecasts on a quarterly basis of Gross National Product and its components in both value and volume terms. It is hoped in tins paper ...
  • Testing quasi-perfect mobility model for intergenerational data - international comparisons 

    Iutaka, S.; Bloomer, B.F.; Burke, R.E.; Wolowyna, O. (Economic and Social Research Institute, Dublin, 1975)
    The study of social stratification and social mobility seems to be experiencing a revival of interest in recent years. The first studies on a national level were carried out in the decade following World War II, with the ...