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  • Biomechanics of ossiculoplasty 

    KELLY, DANIEL; Prendergast, Patrick John (Rila, 2003)
    Many different designs of prostheses are available for middle ear surgery. Clinical comparisons of such prostheses are often difficult because of the large number of variables involved in the clinical outcome; including ...
  • The effect of prosthesis design on vibration of the reconstructed ossicular chain: a comparative finite element analysis of four prostheses 

    KELLY, DANIEL; Prendergast, Patrick John (Wolters Kluwer, 2003)
    Hypothesis: We hypothesize that the differences in the bioacoustic performance of ossicular replacement prosthesis designs, and insertion positions, can be quantified using finite element analysis. Background: Many ...
  • Electrocardiogram based neonatal seizure detection 

    A method for the detection of seizures in the newborn using the electrocardiogram (ECG) signal is presented. Using a database of eight recordings, a method was developed for automatically annotating each 1-min epoch as ...
  • Mechanics applied to skeletal ontogeny and phylogeny 

    Prendergast, Patrick John (Springer, 2002)
    The musculo-skeletal system serves the mechanical function of creating motion and transmitting loads. It is made up mainly of four components: bone, cartilage, muscle and fibrous connective tissue. These have evolved over ...