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  • The Effect of In Process Heat Treatment on the Mechanical Properties of Cold Spray Coatings 

    Lupoi, Rocco; Aldwell, Barry; Jenkins, Richard; Cassidy, Jonathan (ASM International, 2019)
    Cold spray (CS) is an additive manufacturing process which has recently gained interest within research and select high-end production systems; however, one of the primary factors limiting the deployment of this process ...
  • Manufacture of Reflective Aluminium Surfaces Using Cold Spray 

    LUPOI, ROCCO; Jenkins, Richard; Yin, Shuo; Aldwell, Barry (ASM International, 2018)
    This research demonstrates the use of cold spray (CS) as an additive manufacturing process to manufacture reflective aluminium coatings. Nitrogen was used as a carrier gas at various gas heating temperatures. Following ...