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  • Design and Characterization of a Roof-Mounted Compound Parabolic Concentrator with Phase Change Material 

    Mc Cormack, Sarah; Ortega, Anita; Reid, Isobella; Akbari, Hoda; Ahmed, Hind; Chandra, Subhash; Parfreya, Eric (2018)
    This paper presents the design, fabrication and performance of a roof mounted compound parabolic concentrators (CPC) with and without Phase Change Material (PCM) for electricity generation. A truncated Asymmetric ...
  • Phase Change Materials for Solar Energy Applications 

    Akbari, Hoda; Ahmed, Hind; Mc Cormack, Sarah (Central West Publishing, 2019)
    Increasing levels of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and energy dependency on other countries have brought governments to develop and improve various ways of producing energy. There are many different methods of renewable ...