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    • A field investigation into the mechanisms of pile ageing in sand 

      Igoe, David (2021)
      The design of axially loaded piles has been an area of focus for the offshore industry in recent years. A number of studies report substantial increases in the shaft capacity of piles driven in sand, known as pile ageing. ...
    • Foundation damping for offshore wind turbines on monopile supports: a review 

      Igoe, David (2021)
      Today, an important challenge for offshore wind energy is to design efficient and reliable offshore wind turbines (OWTs). The overall damping of OWTs plays an important role in the design process as it limits the amplitude ...
    • An investigation in axial cyclic loading on aged piles in sand 

      Igoe, David (2021)
      In recent years, there has been a significant push to develop optimized pile designs in the offshore industry, driven by the growth of offshore wind. One of the largest remaining uncertainties governing axial pile design ...
    • Mitigation of Wind Induced Accelerations in Tall Modular Buildings 

      Fitzgerald, Breiffni; Broderick, Brian; Moore, Hollie (2022)
      This paper compares two methods of mitigating wind induced vibrations in tall modular buildings. Tall buildings experience wind induced motion which can result in serviceability and habitability issues associated with ...
    • A Review of Rapid Distortion Theory 

      Fitzgerald, Breiffni; Basu, Biswajit (2022)
      With the depleting non-renewable fuel sources like coal and an ever-increasing demand for energy, we need to start looking into renewable energy sources. These are of paramount importance for a sustainable and green future. ...

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