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  • Credit access for small and medium firms: survey evidence for Ireland 

    Lawless, Martina; McCann, Fergal (Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland, 2012)
    The extension of credit to SMEs in Ireland has been identified as a necessary condition for economic recovery and job growth. The debate on whether the reduction in credit to this sector is caused by credit rationing by ...
  • The dynamics of Ireland's net external position 

    Lane, Philip R. (Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland, 2012)
    Ireland's net external liability position expanded in dramatic fashion during 2008-2010, despite relatively small net financial flows during this period. Understanding the source and persistence of this negative shock is ...
  • Housing equity withdrawal, property bubbles and consumption 

    Lydon, Reamonn; O'Hanlon, Niall (Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland, 2012)
    At the peak of the recent property boom, housing equity withdrawal, or ?top-up" loans, accounted for around one-third of residential mortgage loans issued. This collateral-based lending was typically issued at a significant ...
  • The real value of house prices: what the cost of accommodation can tell policymakers 

    Lyons, Ronan C. (Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland, 2012)
    This paper explores the potential for the housing market to inform public policy in Ireland by developing a model of the determinants of the cost of accommodation. It does this by using a rich dataset of sales and lettings ...
  • Trade, energy, and carbon dioxide: an analysis for the two economies of Ireland 

    Hyland, Marie; Jennings, Anne; Tol, Richard S. J. (Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland, 2012)
    In this paper we use a subsystem input-output decomposition analysis to examine the drivers of greenhouse gas emissions in the Republic of Ireland and in Northern Ireland. We use a bi-regional input-output analysis to look ...
  • Wage bill change in Ireland during recession - how have employers reacted to the downturn 

    Walsh, Kieran (Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland, 2012)
    The Earnings, Hours and Employment Costs Survey (EHECS) captures information each quarter on total earnings, paid hours and level of employment from a large representative sample of employers. Responses received typically ...