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  • The associative filtration of the dendriform operad 

    ALGHAMDI, NORAH MOHAMMED (Trinity College Dublin. School of Mathematics. Discipline of Pure & Applied Mathematics, 2019)
    The associative filtration of the dendriform operad Norah Mohammed Alghamdi A dendriform algebra is a vector space V with two binary operations denoted < and > that satisfy the following three algebraic properties for all ...
  • B and D meson decay constants in lattice QCD 

    RYAN, SINEAD MARIE (American Physical Society, 1998)
    We have calculated the decay constants of B and D mesons with lattice QCD. We use an O(a)-improved action that takes light quark actions as a starting point, tuned so that it can be directly applied at the physical masses ...
  • B and D semileptonic decays to light mesons 

    RYAN, SINEAD MARIE (2008-10-09)
    We present an update of our calculation of the form factors and partial widths of semileptonic heavy-to-light meson decays, in the quenched approximation. Our complete data set has now been analysed and our results include ...
  • Bethe ansatz for quantum strings 

    FROLOV, SERGEY (Institute of Physics, 2004)
    We propose Bethe equations for the diagonalization of the hamiltonian of quantum strings on AdS 5 ? S 5 at large string tension and restricted to certain large charge states from a closed (2) subsector. The ansatz differs ...
  • Bethe/gauge correspondence on curved spaces 

    Bethe/gauge correspondence identifies supersymmetric vac ua of massive gauge theories invariant under the two dimensional N = 2 Poincare supersymmetry with the stationary states of some quantum integrable system. The ...
  • Biholomorphic mappings and Banach function modules 

    TIMONEY, RICHARD (Walter de Gruyter, 1988)
  • Black holes and string theory : selected topics 

    Kennedy, Conall (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). School of Mathematics, 2001)
    This thesis is divided into three parts. In Part I the concept of holography in the context of the Maldacena conjecture and the three-dimensional black hole of Banados, Teitelboim and Zanelli (BTZ) is studied. In particular, ...
  • Bottomonium above deconfinement in lattice nonrelativistic QCD 

    RYAN, SINEAD MARIE (American Physical Society, 2011)
    We study the temperature dependence of bottomonium for temperatures in the range 0.4Tc<T<2.1Tc, using nonrelativistic dynamics for the bottom quark and full relativistic lattice QCD simulations for Nf=2 light flavors on a ...
  • Bottomonium at Non-zero Temperature from Lattice Non-relativistic QCD 

    RYAN, SINEAD (2012)
    The temperature dependence of bottomonium states at temperatures above and below $T_c$ is presented, using non-relativistic dynamics for the bottom quark and full relativistic lattice QCD simulations for two light flavors ...
  • The bottomonium spectrum at finite temperature from N f = 2 + 1 lattice QCD 

    RYAN, SINEAD (2014)
    We present results on the bottomonium spectrum at temperatures above and below the deconfinement crossover temperature, T c , from dynamical lattice QCD simu- lations. The heavy quark is treated with ...
  • Bound states in the mirror TBA 

    FROLOV, SERGEY (2012)
    The spectrum of the light-cone AdS 5 S 5 superstring contains states composed of particles with complex momenta including in particular those which turn into bound states in the decompacti cation limit. We propose ...
  • Boundary jets of holomorphic maps between strongly pseudoconvex domains 

    ZAITSEV, DMITRI (Elsevier, 2008)
    We study jets of germs of holomorphic maps between two strongly pseudoconvex domains under the condition that the image of one domain is contained into the other and a given boundary point is (non-tangentially) mapped to ...
  • Boundary problem for levi flat graphs 

    ZAITSEV, DMITRI (2011)
  • Bounded Reinhardt domains in Banach spaces 

    TIMONEY, RICHARD (Foundation Compositio Mathematica, 1986)
  • A Burns-Krantz type theorem for domains with corners 

    ZAITSEV, DMITRI (Springer, 2006)
    The goal of this paper is twofold. First, to give purely local boundary uniqueness results for maps defined only on one side as germs at a boundary point and hence not necessarily sending any domain to itself and also under ...
  • Cacti and filtered distributive laws 

    Dotsenko, Vladimir (2015)
    Motivated by the second author’s construction of a classifying space for the group of pure symmetric automorphisms of a free product, we introduce and study a family of topological operads, the operads of based cacti, ...