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  • Growing up deaf in Ireland 

    Saunders, Helena (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). Centre for Language and Communication Studies, 1997)
    The aim of this dissertation is to describe my own linguistic experience at school and by doing so provide a general understanding of the linguistic experience of Irish Deaf children during the period that oral education ...
  • Accusative alignment in the Old Tibetan switch reference system 

    Hill, Nathan (2022)
    The use of ནས་ -nas to mark cross-clausal co-reference in Version I of the Old Tibetan Rāmāyaṇa reveals accusative alignment in Tibetan syntax, which in turn vindicates the notion of ‘subject’ applied to Tibetan.
  • Verb categories in Irish Sign Language 

    McDonnell, Patrick (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). Centre for Language and Communication Studies, 1997)
    The principal aim of this study is the identification of verb categories in Irish Sign Language. The data was collected on videotape from six deaf informants, three men and three women, all of whom regard themselves as ...
  • It's a Two-way Street: Informing Irish Pre-sessional EAP Programs with a Needs Analysis of Irish Higher Education 

    Garska, Jessica Nicole (Trinity College Dublin. School of Linguistic Speech & Comm Sci. C.L.C.S., 2022)
    Increased student mobility has led to an increase of international students studying at Irish universities. The predictor of English LX students academic success primarily relies on standardized tests, however, the use ...
  • Language matters in the perception of affect from voice 

    Yanushevskaya, Irena; Gobl, Christer; Ni Chasaide, Ailbhe (Ivanovo State University of Technology, 2012)

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