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  • Attention, Gestalt Principles, and the Determinacy of Perceptual Content 

    White, Benjamin (2020)
    Theories of phenomenal intentionality have been claimed to resolve certain worries about the indeterminacy of mental content that rival, externalist theories face. Thus far, however, such claims have been largely programmatic. ...
  • Conservation Laws and Interactionist Dualism 

    White, Benjamin (2017)
    The Exclusion Argument for physicalism maintains that since (1) every physical effect has a sufficient physical cause, and (2) cases of causal overdetermination are rare, it follows that if (3) mental events cause physical ...
  • The Hard Problem Isn't Getting Any Easier: Thoughts on Chalmers' "Meta-problem" 

    White, Benjamin (2020)
    Chalmers’ meta-problem of consciousness is the problem of explaining “problem reports”; i.e. reports to the effect that phenomenal consciousness has the various features that give rise to the hard problem. Chalmers (2018, ...
  • Metaphysical Necessity Dualism 

    White, Benjamin (2018)
    A popular response to the Exclusion Argument for physicalism maintains that mental events depend on their physical bases in such a way that the causation of a physical effect by a mental event and its physical base needn’t ...
  • The Realization of Qualia, Persons, and Artifacts 

    White, Benjamin (2018)
    This article argues that standard causal and functionalist definitions of realization fail to account for the realization of entities that cannot be individuated in causal or functional terms. By modifying such definitions ...