Recent Submissions

  • [PEER Project Non-TCD]On open problems in polling systems 

    Boon, Marko; Boxma, Onno J.; Winands, Erik M. M. (Springer US, Boston,, 2011-07-09)
    Abstract In the present paper we address two open problems concerning polling systems, viz., queueing systems consisting of multiple queues attended by a single server that visits the queues one at a time. The first ...
  • [PEER Project Non-TCD]Tail behaviour of the area under a random process, with applications to queueing systems, insurance and percolations 

    Palmowski, Zbigniew; Kulik, Rafal (Springer US, Boston,, 2011-07-09)
    Abstract The areas under the workload process and under the queueing process in a single-server queue over the busy period have many applications not only in queueing theory but also in risk theory or percolation ...
  • [PEER Project Non-TCD]A stability conjecture on bandwidth sharing networks 

    Walton, N. S.; Mandjes, M. R. H. (Springer US, Boston,, 2011-07-09)
    Abstract We consider a queueing model where documents are simultaneously transferred over a communication network. The bandwidth allocated to each document transfer is assumed to be the solution of a utility ...
  • [PEER Project Non-TCD]Oblique hypervelocity impacts into graphite 

    Latunde-Dada, S (Elsevier, 2011-07-08)
    Abstract. Investigations have been conducted into the morphology of craters formed by impacts of aluminium and HDPE projectiles at oblique angles to graphite target plates. The experiments were conducted with a ...
  • [PEER Project Non-TCD]Experimental investigation of the kinematics of post-impact ice fragments 

    Othman, Ramzi; Guegan, Pierrick; Lebreton, Daniel; Pasco, Franck; Villedieu, Philippe; Meyssonnier, Jacques; Wintenberger, Sylvie (Elsevier, 2011-07-08)
    Abstract Hail is more hazardous for aircraft engines compared to rain and snow,mainly, because of its solid nature and high water content. In extreme cases it can lead to engine ame out. In order to avoid such ...

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