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  • Ancient pigs reveal a near-complete genomic turnover following their introduction to Europe 

    Bradley, Daniel; Frantz, Laurent A.F.; Haile, James; Lin, Audrey T.; Scheu, Amelie; Geörg, Christina; Benecke, Norbert; Alexander, Michelle; Linderholm, Anna; Mullin, Victoria E.; Daly, Kevin G.; Battista, Vincent M.; Price, Max; Gron, Kurt J.; Alexandri, Panoraia; Arbogast, Rose-Marie; Arbuckle, Benjamin; Balasescu, Adrian; Barnett, Ross; Bartosiewicz, László; Baryshnikov, Gennady; Bonsall, Clive; Borić, Dušan; Boroneant, Adina; Bulatović, Jelena; Çarkirlar, Canan; Carretero, José-Miguel; Chapman, John; Church, Mike; Crooijmans, Richard; De Cupere, Bea; Detry, Cleia; Dimitrijevic, Vesna; Dumitrascu, Valentin; du Plessis, Louis; Edwards, Ceiridwen (2019)
    Archaeological evidence indicates that pig domestication had begun by ∼10,500 y before the present (BP) in the Near East, and mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) suggests that pigs arrived in Europe alongside farmers ∼8,500 y BP. A ...