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  • Interaction between striatal volume and DAT1 polymorphism predicts working memory development during adolescence 

    Bokde, Arun; Nemmi, Federico; Nymberg, Charlotte; Darki, Fahimehh; Banaschewski, Tobias J.; Büchel, Christian; Flor, Herta; Frouin, Vincent; Garavan, Hugh P.; Gowland, Penny; Heinz, Andreas; Martinot, Jean-Luc; Nees, Frauke; Paul, Tomas; Smolka, Michael N.; Robbins, Trevor W.; Schumann, Gunter; Klingberg, Torkel; the IMAGEN consortium (2018)
    There is considerable inter-individual variability in the rate at which working memory (WM) develops during childhood and adolescence, but the neural and genetic basis for these differences are poorly understood. ...