Recent Submissions

  • Development of Atmospheric PLD of Plasmonic Metal Nanoparticle Films for SERS Application 

    KHAN, TAJ MUHAMMAD (Trinity College Dublin. School of Physics. Discipline of Physics, 2018)
    For the fast uptake into industrial applications, the further development of fabrication methods for nanomaterials which are inexpensive and simultaneously technologically feasible is one of the major key factors. One ...
  • LOFAR tied-array imaging and spectroscopy of solar radio bursts 

    Morosan, Diana E. (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). School of Physics, 2016)
    The Sun is the source of the most powerful explosions in the solar system such as solar ares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs). These explosions can occur up to several times per day and they release up to 1032 ergs (1025 ...
  • Simulation and analysis of foam structure 

    Whyte, David (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). School of Physics, 2017)
    We use the method of bond-orientational order parameter analysis on X-ray tomographic data to investigate the interal structure of an experimental sample of ~25 000 microbubbles. By employing appropriate cutoff distances ...
  • Search for magnets with properties intermediate between Nd-Fe-B and Ferrite 

    Tozman, Pelin
    The rare earth elements neodymium, samarium, terbium and dysprosium are predominantly mined in China (>95%) there wild prices fluctuations in 2011 as a result of Chinese government policies undermined confidence in the ...
  • Magnetic and Electronic Phenomena in Oxide Interfaces, Thin Films and Heterostructures 

    Porter, Stephen
    The miniaturisation and reduction of power consumption in modern integrated circuitry and active compo- nents such as sensors and memory demands the development of novel materials. These materials must not only have ...

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