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  • Weighted Clustering Ensemble: A Review 

    Zhang, Mimi (2022)
    Clustering ensemble has emerged as a powerful tool for improving both the robustness and the stability of results from individual clustering methods. Weighted clustering ensemble arises naturally from clustering ensemble. ...
  • Who's Minding the Kids? Work and Family Issues among Owners of Small Business Enterprises in Ireland 

    DREW, EILEEN PATRICIA (Edward Elgar, 2011)
    This chapter addresses the largely under-researched theme of how entrepreneurs in Ireland manage their business lives in parallel with their family commitments, with specific reference to dependent children. Since ...
  • Women in science and technology employment 

    DREW, EILEEN PATRICIA (Goodbody, 2001)
    Ireland continues to experience the fastest growth in GNP within the European Union, with average GNP increases of almost 8 per cent per annum over the period of the late 1990's. This has led to buoyancy in the Irish ...
  • Workshop on Machine Learning Techniques for Processing Multimedia Content 

    DAHYOT, ROZENN (2005)
    Machine Learning (ML) techniques are used in situations where data is available in electronic format and ML algorithms can ?add value? by analysing this data. This is the situation with the processing of multimedia ...