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  • The divorce referendum 2019 

    Keenan, Lisa (2020)
    When Ireland removed the prohibition on divorce from its constitution in 1995 by way of a referendum, the result was achieved with a razor thin margin after a difficult campaign. The circumstances in which the 2019 referendum ...
  • The evolving nature of the Irish policy space 

    Mc Elroy, Gail; Keenan, Lisa (Palgrave Macmillan, 2021)
    This chapter uses the Irish element of the Comparative Candidate Survey (CCS) of Dáil candidates in the 2020 election to explore policy similarities and differences between Irish parties. Using previous CCS data, it also ...
  • Interest group access to policymaking in Ireland 

    Chari, Raj (2023)
    There are more than 2,000 interest groups in Ireland that play a key role in policy development. This paper explores which of these groups have access to Irish policymaking across various political arenas. It does so by ...
  • Are Irish voters biased against female candidates? Evidence from the 2020 general election 

    Keenan, Lisa (2021)
    Ireland is the first country in the world to apply a legislative gender quota under an STV electoral system. Since 2016, the quota has required parties to ensure that at least thirty percent of their candidates running in ...
  • 'An unfinished democracy': gender and political representation in the Republic of Ireland 

    Keenan, Lisa (2022)
    Ireland’s Decade of Centenaries, beginning in 2012, has seen the commemoration of a period of significant social and political transformation. For scholars of gender and politics, it also provides the opportunity to take ...

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