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  • Peter Sellars and the persistence of modernity 

    Bates, Mark Patrick (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). Department of Drama, 2001)
    If language is subjective, if the sign is unstable, if meaning is endlessly deferred, how is it possible to assume a position of moral critique? Confronted by persistent social crisis, the American theatre and opera director ...
  • The body sonic : performance of the voice in Paula Meehan's lyrical theatre 

    Jackson, Eileen Denn (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). Department of Drama, 2008)
    The thesis investigates the dramatic repertoire of contemporary Irish poet and playwright, Paula Meehan (b. 1955). The five chapters explore Paula Meehan’s eight original plays and her theatre collaborations. To explore ...
  • Premise and compositional working-out : an examination through analysis of Ligeti's changing style 

    Haughey, Helen (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). Department of Music, 2002)
    In many of his interviews and writings from the mid-eighties, Ligeti talks of a crisis in his compositional output, and his move to a simpler style. This thesis takes the form of three detailed analyses of works which span ...
  • Evolving Sounds 

    KEEGAN, BRIAN (Trinity College Dublin. School of Creative Arts. Discipline of Music, 2018)
    Abstract This work concerns the role of musical time and space in relation to the body of compositions that form part of this research. Although these two areas are immense, they are nonetheless unavoidable in music ...
  • On going on : the ethic of impossibility in the performance of Samuel Beckett's prose 

    Johnson, Nicholas E. (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). Department of Drama, 2009)
    This dissertation presents a history of performances of the prose of Samuel Beckett and illuminates a theory of prose performance through readings of his work. Unifying a phenomenological reading of prose performance with ...

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