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  • Hadron spectroscopy from lattice quantum chromodynamics 

    RYAN, SINEAD (2016)
    Lattice calculations of hadron spectroscopy are discussed. A brief introduction to numerical simulations of QCD, with a focus on spectroscopy is given. Results for spectroscopy of low-lying, excited and exotic states ...
  • Haldane limits via Lagrangian embeddings 

    In the present paper we revisit the so-called Haldane limit, i.e. a particular continuum limit, which leads from a spin chain to a sigma model. We use the coherent state formulation of the path integral to reduce the problem ...
  • Hamiltonian lattice gauge models and the Heisenberg double 

    FROLOV, SERGEY (World Scientific, 1995)
    Hamiltonian lattice gauge models based on the assignment of the Heisenberg double of a Lie group to each link of the lattice are constructed in arbitrary spacetime dimensions. It is shown that the corresponding generalization ...
  • Heavy hadrons on an anisotropic lattice 

    Results from simulations of quarkonia and heavy-light mesons on an anisotropic lattice are presented. The improved quark action and action-parameter tuning used in this study are discussed.
  • Heavy quark physics from lattice QCD 

    RYAN, SINEAD MARIE (Elsevier, 2002)
    I review the current status of lattice calculations of heavy quark quantities. Particular emphasis is placed on leptonic and semileptonic decay matrix elements.
  • Higgs Bundles, Gauge Theories and Quantum Groups 

    The appearance of the Bethe Ansatz equation for the Nonlinea r Schr ?odinger equa- tion in the equivariant integration over the moduli space of Higgs bundles is revisited. We argue that the wave functions of the ...
  • High performance scientific computing using FPGAS with IEEE floating point and logarithmic arithmetic for lattice QCD 

    The recent development of large FPGAs along with the availability of a variety of floating point cores have made it possible to implement high-performance matrix and vector kernel operations on FPGAs. In this paper we seek ...
  • High precision renormalization of the flavour non-singlet Noether currents in lattice QCD with Wilson quarks 

    Sint, Stefan (SpringerOpen, 2019)
    We determine the non-perturbatively renormalized axial current for O(a) improved lattice QCD with Wilson quarks. Our strategy is based on the chirally rotated Schrödinger functional and can be generalized to other finite ...
  • Highly excited and exotic meson spectrum from dynamical lattice QCD 

    Using a new quark-field construction algorithm and a large variational basis of operators, we extract a highly excited isovector meson spectrum on dynamical anisotropic lattices. We show how carefully constructed operators ...
  • Holomorphic extension of smooth CR-mappings between real-analytic and real-algebraic CR-manifolds 

    ZAITSEV, DMITRI (International Press, 2003)
    The classical Schwarz reflection principle states that a continuous map f between real-analytic curves M and M? in C that locally extends holomorphically to one side of M, extends also holomorphically to a neighborhood ...
  • Hubbard-Shastry lattice models 

    FROLOV, SERGEY (2012)
    We consider two lattice models for strongly correlated electrons which are exactly solvable in one dimension. Along with the Hubbard model and the $\mathfrak {su}(2|2)$ spin chain, these are the only parity-invariant models ...
  • The Hydrodynamical Relevance of the Camassa?Holm and Degasperis?Procesi Equations 

    Constantin, Adrian; Lannes, David (Springer-Verlag, 2009-04-01)
    n recent years two nonlinear dispersive partial differential equations have attracted much attention due to their integrable structure. We prove that both equations arise in the modeling of the propagation of shallow water ...
  • Icosahedral Skyrmions 

    HOUGHTON, CONOR JAMES (American Institute of Physics, 2003)
    In this article we aim to determine the baryon numbers at which the minimal energy Skyrmion has icosahedral symmetry. By comparing polyhedra which arise as minimal energy Skyrmions with the dual of polyhedra that minimize ...
  • Improved stochastic estimation of quark propagation with Laplacian Heaviside smearing in lattice QCD 

    A new method of stochastically estimating the low-lying effects of quark propagation is proposed which allows accurate determinations of temporal correlations of single-hadron and multihadron operators in lattice QCD. The ...
  • Improving Algorithms to Compute All Elements of the Lattice Quark Propagator 

    We present a new exact algorithm for estimating all elements of the quark propagator. The advantage of the method is that the exact all-to-all propagator is reproduced in a large but finite number of inversions. The ...
  • In search of a scaling scalar glueball 

    PEARDON, MICHAEL JAMES (Elsevier, 1999)
    Anisotropic lattices are an efficient means of studying the glueballs of QCD, however problems arise with simulations of the lightest, scalar state. The mass is strongly dependent on the lattice spacing, even when ...
  • Indefinite theta series and generalised error functions 

    Manschot, Jan (2018)
    Theta series for lattices with indefinite signature ( n + ,n − ) arise in many areas of mathematics including representation theory and enumerative algebraic geometry. Their mod- ular properties are well understood ...
  • Instanton vibrations of the 3-Skyrmion 

    HOUGHTON, CONOR JAMES (American Physical Society, 1999)
    The Atiyah-Drinfeld-Hitchin-Manin matrix corresponding to a tetrahedrally symmetric 3-instanton is calculated. Some small variations of the matrix correspond to vibrations of the instanton-generated 3-Skyrmion. These ...
  • Integrable Hamiltonian for Classical Strings on AdS(5) x S**5 

    FROLOV, SERGEY (Institute of Physics, 2005)
    We find the Hamiltonian for physical excitations of the classical bosonic string propagating in the AdS_5 x S^5 space-time. The Hamiltonian is obtained in a so-called uniform gauge which is related to the static gauge by ...
  • Intersection cohomology of moduli spaces of sheaves on surfaces 

    Manschot, Jan (2018)
    We study intersection cohomology of moduli spaces of semist able vector bundles on a complex algebraic surface. Our main result relates inte rsection Poincar ́e polynomials of the moduli spaces to Donaldson-Thomas ...