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  • SU(N) monopoles and Platonic symmetry 

    HOUGHTON, CONOR JAMES (American Institute of Physics, 1997)
    We discuss the ADHMN construction for SU(N) monopoles and show that a particular simplification arises in studying charge N?1 monopoles with minimal symmetry breaking. Using this we construct families of tetrahedrally ...
  • Tetrahedral and cubic monopoles 

    HOUGHTON, CONOR JAMES (Springer Science + Business Media, 1996)
    Using a numerical implementation of the ADHMN construction, we compute the fields and energy densities of a charge three monopole with tetrahedral symmetry and a charge four monopole with octahedral symmetry. We then ...
  • Timescales in songbird auditory processing. 

  • Tuning for criticality: A new hypothesis for sleep 

    We propose that the critical function of sleep is to prevent uncontrolled neuronal feedback while allowing rapid responses and prolonged retention of short-term memories. Through learning, the brain is tuned to react ...
  • A zero-mode quantization of the Skyrmion 

    HOUGHTON, CONOR JAMES (Elsevier, 2006)
    In the semi-classical approach to the Skyrme model, nuclei are approximated by quantum mechanical states on a finite-dimensional space of field configurations; in zero-mode quantization this space is generated by rotations ...