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  • Spontaneous atopic dermatitis in mice with a defective skin barrier is independent of ILC2 and mediated by IL-1β 

    Fallon, Padraic; O'Neill, Luke; Walsh, Patrick; Schwartz, Christian; Moran, Tara; Saunders, Sean; Kaszlikowska, Agnieszka; Floudas, Achilleas; Bom, Joana; Nunez, Gabriel; Iwakura, Yoichiro; Irvine, Alan; McKenzie, Andrew; Ogg, Graham; Demengeot, Jocelyne (2019)
    Background: Atopic dermatitis (AD) is one of the most common skin diseases with a multifactorial etiology. Mutations leading to loss of skin barrier function are associated with the development of AD with group 2 innate ...
  • Toll-like receptor 3 L412F polymorphism promotes a persistent clinical phenotype in pulmonary sarcoidosis 

    Armstrong, Michelle; Fallon, Padraic; Hams, Emily; Bowie, Andrew; Cooke, G.; Kamal, I.; Strengert, M.; Tynan, A.; O'Reilly, C.; O'Dwyer, D.N.; Kunkel, S.L.; Knaus, U.G.; Shields, D.C.; Moller, D.R.; Hogaboam, C.M.; Donnelly, S.C. (2018)
    Background/Introduction: Sarcoidosis is a multi-systemic disorder of unknown etiology, characterized by the presence of non-caseating granulomas in target organs. In 90% of cases, there is thoracic involvement. Fifty to ...