Recent Submissions

  • The Envoys of Phywa to Dmu (PT 126) 

    Hill, Nathan (2021)
    New are the texts which offer a glimpse into Tibet’s religious traditions as they existed before the adoption of Buddhism as the state religion in 762. With the exception of stone inscriptions the earliest extant ...
  • Scholarship on Trans-Himalayan (Tibeto-Burman) languages of South East Asia 

    Hill, Nathan (Mouton de Gruyter, 2021)
    The spread of the Trans-Himalayan family¹ naturally paid no attention to 21st century political boundaries. The family includes languages with a geographic range from Balti Tibetan in Pakistan to Hokkien Chinese in ...
  • Defining meaningful units. Challenges in sign segmentation and segment-meaning mapping 

    Leeson, Lorraine; De Sisto, Mirella; Shterionov, Dimitar; Murtagh, Irene; Vermeerbergen, Myriam (Association for Machine Translation in the Americas, 2021)
    This paper addresses the tasks of sign segmentation and segment-meaning mapping in the con- text of sign language (SL) recognition. It aims to give an overview of the linguistic properties of SL, such as coarticulation and ...
  • Evaluation of the Signing Information Mid-West Project 

    Conama, John (PAUL Partnership, Limerick, 2008)
    This report centres on the review of the Irish Sign Language/English interpreting services provided in the Mid-West via the “Signing Information Mid-West” service. This was established under the aegis of Enhancing Disability ...
  • HIDDEN HISTORIES: Deaf Lives Ireland 

    Conama, John (Interesource Group, 2012)
    A booklet issued on the Irish part of the European-wide project: Hidden Histories: Intercultural Dialogue and Learning - administered by Community Engagement Unit in the University of Sussex. This booklet accompanies the ...

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