Recent Submissions

  • Literary theory, negative poetics, and studies in English Literature in the works of Giorgio Manganelli 

    De Gyurgyokai, Mirko Zilahi (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). Italian Department, 2007)
    After a brief account of Manganelli's biography, Part One of the dissertation (GIORGIO MANGANELLI) focuses mainly on the developments of the writer's relationship with the "Gruppo 63". The section "TEORIA E POETICHE ...
  • Per una prima edizione ai "Tarocchi" di Emilio Villa 

    BATTILOCCHI, BIANCA (Trinity College Dublin. School of Lang, Lit. & Cultural Studies. Discipline of Italian, 2019)
    My thesis, supervised by Dr Giuliana Adamo, aims to provide the first edition of a still unpublished collection of Tarot texts by the multilingual and visual poet Emilio Villa (1914-2003). My central research question ...
  • Towards a postcolonial translation : Patrick White's Voss in Italian and French 

    Zuodar, Giulia (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). Italian Department, 2014)
    This thesis examines the novel Voss (1957) by the Australian writer Patrick White with the aim of defining a) potential issues of translatability and ethics arising from the text’s postcolonial hybrid culture b) the actual ...
  • The writer as translator : the Einaudi series Scrittori tradotti da scrittori 

    Rossi, Simona (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). Italian Department, 2015)
    This study investigates translation by creative writers as a separate instance from translation by ‘ordinary’ (professional) translators. The research takes its cue from the Einaudi series ‘Scrittori tradotti da scrittori’. ...
  • Embodied words upon the stage : W.B. Yeats, translation and theatre-making 

    Ficara, Maria (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). Italian Department, 2015)
    This thesis starts out with an analysis of Yeats's reception in Italy over a century, which shows how his dramatic production was relegated to a position of lesser importance, whereas his reputation as a poet gradually ...

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