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  • Abnormal Notochord Branching is Associated with Foregut Abnormalities in an Adriamycin Treated Mouse Model 

    Murphy, Paula (University of Edinburgh (datashare), 2011)
    Oesophageal atresia (OA) and tracheooesophageal fistula (TOF) are relatively common human congenital malformations of the foregut where the oesophagus does not connect with the stomach and there is an abnormal connection ...
  • Capture heats up sharks 

    Jackson, Andrew; Payne, Nicholas (2022)
    Catch-and-release fishing is an important component of ecotourism industries and scientific research worldwide, but its total impact on animal physiology, health and survival is understudied for many species of fishes, ...
  • Endothermy makes fishes faster but does not expand their thermal niche 

    Donohue, Ian; Harding, Lucy; Payne, Nicholas; Jackson, Andrew; Barnett, Adam; Halsey, Lewis; Huveneers, Charlie; Meyer, Carl; Papastamatiou, Yannis; Semmens, Jayson M.; Spencer, Erin; Watanabe, Yuuki (Functional Ecology, 2021-06-30)
    Regional endothermy has evolved several times in marine fishes, and two competing hypotheses are generally proposed to explain the evolutionary drivers behind this trait: thermal niche expansion and elevated cruising speeds. ...
  • Genetic influence on the kinetics and associated pathology of the early stage (intestinal-hepatic) migration of Ascaris suum in mice 

    The generative mechanism(s) of aggregation and predisposition to Ascaris lumbricoides and A. suum infections in their host population are currently unknown and difficult to elucidate in humans and pigs for ethical/logistical ...
  • A proteomic investigation of hepatic resistance to Ascaris in a murine model 

    HOLLAND, CELIA (2016)
    he helminth Ascaris causes ascariasis in both humans and pigs. Humans, especially chil- dren, experience significant morbidity including respiratory complications, growth deficits and intestinal obstruction. Given that ...
  • Temperature and the ecophysiology of marine ectotherms 

    Harding, Lucy (Trinity College Dublin. School of Natural Sciences. Discipline of Zoology, 2023)
    Temperature influences the physiology, behaviour, and distribution of organisms and the field of thermal ecology has been stimulated in recent decades by the need for a greater understanding of how climate change will ...