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  • An Evaluation Method for Diachronic Word Sense Induction 

    Alsulaimani, Ashjan; Moreau, Erwan; Vogel, Carl (Association for Computational Linguistics, 2020)
    The task of Diachronic Word Sense Induction (DWSI) aims to identify the meaning of words from their context, taking the temporal dimension into account. In this paper we propose an evaluation method based on large-scale ...
  • Semantic reranking of CRF label sequences for verbal multiword expression identification 

    Maldonado Guerra, Alfredo; Moreau, Erwan; Vogel, Carl; Alsulaimani, Ashjan; Han, Lifeng; Chowdhury, Koel Dutta (Language Science Press, 2018)
    Verbal multiword Expressions (VMWE) identification can be addressed successfully as a sequence labelling problem via conditional random fields (CRFs) by returning the one label sequence with maximal probability. This work ...