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  • Event-Based Middleware for Collaborative Ad Hoc Applications 

    MEIER, RENE (University of Dublin, Trinity College. Department of Computer Science, 2003-09)
    Middleware supporting event-based communication is widely recognised as being well suited to interconnecting the components of mobile applications since it naturally accommodates a dynamically changing population of ...
  • A Framework Providing Fault Tolerance Using the CORBA Trading Service. 

    MEIER, RENE (Trinity College Dublin. Department of Computer Science, 1998-09)
    This thesis describes a body of research into the fault tolerance problem associated with the use of large scale distributed systems and a partial solution to the problem. Fault tolerance problems arise in such an ...
  • Improving Throughput and Node Proximity of P2P Live Video Streaming through Overlay Adaptation 

    MEIER, RENE (IEEE Computer Society Press, 2007)
    Due to the heterogeneity of the environment, in which hosts may have different bandwidth capacities and network distances between hosts vary, current mesh-based multicast protocols for video streaming over the Internet ...