<b>(Trinity College Dublin) MS 10558 </b><br> 'My own magazine or independent periodical for 1833 to 1835 Vol 2? by Daniel Charles Grose, [1766]-1838; topographical artist, antiquarian and author. <br> <br> Daniel Grose was a nephew of Francis Grose (1731-91), the celebrated author and artist, best known for his studies of medieval antiquities. On completion of his surveys of the antiquities of England, Scotland and Wales Francis Grose turned his attention to Ireland but died before his work there was completed. His nephew Daniel assisted in completing the work, which was published as the two volume Antiquities of Ireland in1791-5. Daniel produced a third volume or supplement in the 1820s, which was not published until 1991. <br><br> Daniel Grose was a captain in the Royal Engineers and it is likely that he first came to Ireland, as a result of his uncle?s death in 1791, aged about twenty-five years. He subsequently took up permanent residence in Ireland, raised a family here and it is known that he died in Carrick-on-Shannon in co Leitrim in May 1838. He was a skilled topographical artist: 55 of the engraved images in the Antiquities of Ireland were based on the work Grose did in 1792. He continued thereafter to take an interest in the Irish landscape and antiquities and published articles and illustrations in The Irish Penny Magazine. <br> <br> <br> Purchased from De Burca Rare Books, Blackrock, Dublin, September 1991. It came from an American dealer who acquired it in the Catskill Mountains. <br><br><b>

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