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  • Ground flora of field boundary dry stone walls in the Burren, Ireland 

    Collier, Marcus (2020)
    Despite the fact that field boundary (dry) stone walls are globally common in rural landscapes, very little research has been carried out regarding them. Dry stone walls may act as refuges for a range of plants and animals, ...
  • Novel ecosystems and social-ecological resilience 

    Collier, Marcus (2015)
    Context: Novel ecosystems are anthropogenic landscapes that cannot be returned to their original ecological status. Little is known the social-ecological dynamics of these never-before-seen ecosystems. Less is known of ...
  • Novel ecosystems: challenges and opportunities for the Anthropocene 

    Collier, Marcus (2016)
    Novel ecosystems are ecological assemblages that emerge in anthropogenic landscapes where an ecological abiotic or biotic threshold has been passed and can no longer be restored to a previous state. In such landscapes, ...